by Pen Drive Linux

YUMI can be used to create a Multiboot Bootable USB Flash Drive containing multiple operating systems

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Pen Drive Linux

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Last revision: Last week

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Creating a multiboot USB drive has become quite easy with the advent of YUMI. The name of the utility speaks for itself: Your Universal Multiboot Installer - "Your universal multiboot installer". Thanks to YUMI, the user will be able to place up to several operating systems, antivirus programs, diagnostic tools and system utilities on a flash drive. All this distribution is automatically placed in the folder Multiboot folder (except for a few files), which is important - later on, such a bootable flash drive can be used for other purposes (to save files that are not related to YUMI).

A bootable USB disk is created in several steps. First, the user runs the .exe installation file, following the instructions on the monitor. Then, to add the necessary distributions to the flash card, the program should be restarted again. Next, you need to set the PC startup properties to boot from a USB key. The user selects the desired distribution and starts working.

- Minimal difficulty in creating a multiboot drive;

- The simple principle of the program's operation, in many respects reminiscent of Universal USB Installer;

- the ability to include the ISO file in the boot disk;

- the ability to change the order of distributions, as well as the contents of the multiboot USB disk.

YUMI (1.75 MB)
YUMI (1.75 MB)
YUMI (1.75 MB)
YUMI (1.75 MB)
YUMI (1.75 MB)
YUMI (1.76 MB)
YUMI (1.76 MB)
YUMI (1.76 MB)
YUMI (1.76 MB)
YUMI (1.76 MB)
I don't think this product would be useful. It puts different OS files onto a USB drive. But wouldn't you just be able to drag and drop the files onto the drive without having to bother with using another program like this? It seems like an unnecessary extra step.
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