by Alexander Vigovsky

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Alexander Vigovsky

Last revision: Last week

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AC3Filter is a free and high-quality audio decoder and audio filter. AC3Filter is a high-end audio decoder and audio filter for audio encoded in DTS and AC3 formats. Used to provide software players with the ability to play sound jerks in these formats. It can also be used to process any finished audio track, and you will be able to adjust all the sound parameters. Any composition with AC3Filter can be turned into a sound source with six channels. Any track can be decoded and sent to the receiver thanks to this product.


- View video footage with audio tracks in DTS and AC3 formats;

- Ability to listen to multichannel AudioCDs in DTS and AC3 formats;

- ability to play files containing AC3/DTS data obtained by full copying of multichannel AudioCDs.


- to get six-channel sound from any source;

- Changing the channel sound downwards for playback on any audio system;

- The ability to temporarily synchronize audio and video;

- Reduce audio channels for quiet nightly watching movies;

- Flexible sound delay adjustment;

- Increase the sound level for comfortable listening to quiet works.


- Transmit audio in AC3/DTS format via SPDIF without conversion;

- the ability to encrypt sound in AC3;

- Ability to work with external soundcards via USB interface.

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