by Reallusion Inc.

The advanced character rigging software designed to help animators and artists.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Reallusion Inc.

Release : AccuRIG 1.3.4

Antivirus check: passed

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To produce desired movements and manipulate 3D objects, you need rigging software that can do the job efficiently. One such software called AccuRIG is introduced to assist animators and artists. It is an advanced 3D animation editor that reduces production effort and transforms static models into movable or animated objects. This way, it helps artists create stunning 3D characters that can be exported directly.

The most noteworthy feature of this innovative rigging software is its ability to handle both realistic human models and sci-fi characters or cartoons. Thus, you can bring life to digital human avatars or make fictional characters within a few minutes. Apart from character rigging, this specific tool allows you to try tons of production-ready animations for your next gaming project, video, or digital art. In short, you’ll have a comprehensive collection of modeling features.


  • An advanced character rigging software to assist in creating stunning 3D models or human avatars.
  • It reduces production effort by providing an accurate model design with full automation and simplicity.
  • You can try over 1700 production-ready animations and create an eye-catching 3D model within minutes.
  • It allows you to transform static imagery into movable objects or characters using advanced rigging tools.
  • The animated models that are created can be easily exported to popular game engines such as Maya, Blender, Cinema 3D, iClone, Unity, and Unreal Engine.
  • AccuRIG works with every device that features dual-core CPUs and just 4GB of RAM. For enhanced performance, it is recommended to have a modern quad core CPU, 8GB of RAM, and a graphics card.

Above all, AccuRIG is considered the best next-generation character rigging software that every artist needs in his work. It is simple to operate and has five basic steps. To start with, you have to import the humanoid character in any of the basic A/T poses. Then, the software will scan the characters and build a rigging structure. Within a few seconds, your 3D model will be ready. Install it on any computer, as it is optimized with all modern 64-bit versions of Windows.

AccuRIG offers fast and easy character rigging so you can focus on the automation or model design and directly export 3D tools to your storage device.
64-bit Operating System
Minimum 8GB RAM, 16GB recommended
Dedicated video card with OpenGL 3.3 support
5GB free hard disk space

Intuitive and user-friendly interface aids productivity.
Automatic rigging feature accelerates character creation.
Customizable environment supports multiple 3D file formats.

Complex software, could be overwhelming for beginners.
Limited physical simulations compared to competitors.
Lack of support for some 3D file formats.
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