A tool for unwrapping fisheye photos into rectilinear or cylindrical projections

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: AJT SOFT

Release : AnglerFish 1.0.5

Antivirus check: passed

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AnglerFish is a software application designed to process pictures taken with fish-eye lenses. Its main goal is to rectify these images to yield straight or cylindrical results. Straight images display straight lines across the entire picture, while cylindrical images maintain straight lines only on the horizontal and vertical axes.

In pursuit of perfect cylindrical images, where people's faces appear naturally across the whole picture, AnglerFish leverages a growing database of lens profiles. Each lens profile allows precise correction for a specific type of fish-eye lens.

  • Transforms images into straight-line and cylindrical projections
  • Expanding database of lens profiles
  • Numerous image geometry adjustment functions
  • Supports jpg and tiff files (both 8 and 16 bits)

AnglerFish is not limited to correcting fish-eye lens distortions, it is also equipped with many other capabilities for adjusting image geometry. For instance, it can correct perspective distortions and other common issues encountered when photographing with ultra-wide-angle lenses.

AnglerFish precisely corrects fish-eye lens distortions in images, preserving high quality and detail.

Moreover, AnglerFish has an important feature: all transformations are done in one single step to minimize quality degradation. It supports jpg and tiff files for both 8-bit and 16-bit images. This ensures that even after the transformation, images maintain high quality without any loss of detail or color nuances.

OS: Windows 7 or higher
Processor: Dual Core 2.0GHz or equivalent
Memory: At least 4GB RAM
Support formats: jpg and tiff (8 and 16 bits)

Excellent for correcting fish-eye lens distortions.
Transforms images in one step, retaining quality.
Supports numerous image geometry adjustments.

Limited to only jpg and tiff file formats.
Struggles with ultra-wide-angle lens corrections.
No multi-step customization for image transformations.