by Ilya Morozov

text to speech software

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Ilya Morozov

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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This software is mainly designed for the people who use to hear things while doing things, you can put any types of books or article in this software to hear it. it is very easy to use software 

It generates high quality speech for the people who wants to hear an article or an story while doing other works. It generates text into speech based on SAPI while generating speech it will check for any errors in spellings to make sure it generates correctly,

It can reads different languages which is a very good benefits for the people who like hear different languages , this software can translate different language to give the user different type of experiences it has very simple settings which can be used to translate the different languages 

It gives the user best experience while generating the texts however there are some drawbacks. which is not a big deal, there is an pause option which can be used to play the text later 

Sometimes, it recommends you to  buy the software to get an access for the some of the features, however most of it s features are free to use this software is highly recommend for some peoples who use to work in the data transcription field instead of reading an article to summarize you can use this software to gave you an accurate details about the article you provide and then you can transcripe it easliy.

Sometimes this software tends to lag in speech if you pause it often but it can be easily overcome once you update this software

this product helps you to hear an article or any types of the book without reading it you only need to hear it

  • Generates text into speech
  • It generates high quality speech
  • Audio's which were is very high quality and have super clarity
  • It can read upto 8 different languages

It can generates text into speech upto 8 languages

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