Bandcamp Downloader

by Otiel

A program that provides a simple download tool for Bandcamp albums

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Otiel

Release : Bandcamp Downloader 1.4

Antivirus check: passed

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There are lots of programs specializing in certain fields and areas, even programs aiming to provide additional utility to the existing ones. So, Bandcamp Downloader is exactly one of those solutions, serving as a downloader tool for the mentioned Bandcamp Albums, having practically only one use for what it seems, but also consisting of a few points that may be handy to other developers and everyday users.

So, Bandcamp Downloader is mostly an audio-format downloader, being open-source so you can edit it easily or implement it somewhere else if wanted. The app is purely minimalistic, having one practical window where all of the download operations happen, and a separate setting window where you can easily configure the program's options to your liking. The download speed sits at a rate of 128kb/s, not fast but not awful really. You can edit and adjust most of the parameters regarding the download process using the abovementioned settings menu, including name tags, comments, cover art, and more. The way of downloading itself is rather simple - just paste the link that leads to either the album, song or the artist page and start the download, simple as!


  • Customizable tags that you can add to Titles, trach numbers, artists, and albums, all to make the navigation process easier and faster
  • Personalized settings that allow for customization of the program's work, tags, and other tweaking that can be applied directly from the program
  • Easy built-in creation of album files, having 4 formats supported
  • Is open-source and can be edited/pasted with the code being 100% available
  • A list of various open-source libraries can be also found on the GitHub page, making the development process even easier

Well, we have practically covered everything there is to know of Bandcamp Downloader now and, well, it's solid for what it aims to be. It appears a little narrow-specialized if you think about it but, really, it doesn't need to take on much more than it currently does as it just does the downloading itself quite well if pointed out.

Bandcamp Downloader is a downloader intended for the albums made in Bandcamp, allowing for fast and easy downloading process of
Operating system: Windows 7/8/10 compatible
Minimum 1 GB RAM required
Minimum 100 MB free disk space required

Supports multiple audio formats including MP3, WAV, FLAC.
Retains superior audio quality during extraction and download process.
Bypasses geographical restrictions for global music access.

Limited to extracting music from Bandcamp only.
No built-in audio player for downloaded tracks.
Lacks advanced download customization settings.
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