Wi-Fi Scanner
An efficient tool to effortlessly locate wireless networks for personal and business use.
Windows Grep
A practical application to search text strings within your local storage
SaveFrom.net Helper
An ultimate downloading app to save videos and audios directly from search engines
A free open-source network IDS/IPS software that is capable of both analyzing and protecting the network
Bandcamp Downloader
A program that provides a simple download tool for Bandcamp albums
AdBlocker Ultimate
An AdBlocker edition that includes all the features needed for ad blocking and more
The all-in-one tool needed to simplify directory management tasks
Website Downloader
It is a tool to download either a landing page or a website for free
Epson Connect Printer Setup
A configuration tool for Epson printers with many modes of printing
Send Anywhere
A cross-platform transfer solution that aims to make way for easy and fast sharing
An open-source conversion and downloading tool aimed at providing quick access to almost any video out there
Xtreme Download Manager
A powerful tool to speed up the download process and save streaming videos
The highest-rated speed reading software to absorb more knowledge in less time
A free graphing calculator to plot mathematical or trigonometric functions.
Bandwidth Calculator
A flexible tool to calculate the data transfer speed or download/upload time.
An ultra fast software for cryptocurrency transactions
LDAP Search
A networking tool to remotely search the Directory Servers like eDirectory or Active Directory
Expired Domains
A free and powerful software to easily find domain names that are about to expire
An advanced software for automatically managing TV series on Usenet and Torrents
A versatile traffic generator used by engineers to analyze network traffic
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