CopyTrans Manager logo
Free Microsoft iTunes alternative
OllyDbg logo
Debug multi-thread programs
Remote Utilities - Viewer logo
Manage hosts on your network!
Spybot Anti-Beacon logo
Block and combat the various tracking problems that come with Windows.
Fing logo
Fing is a utility software designed to help users keep track of all devices connected to their network
Zapya logo
Share files of any type for devices using the same WLAN connection
WIFI Auditor logo
Manage and protect any WIFI connection
AirPort Utility logo
Manage Airport Express with your Windows PC
MyDrive Connect logo
Better use and organize your GPS
AeroAdmin logo
Remote desktop with cloud based operating system for Windows-based PCs
Tnaflix Video Downloader logo
Play videos without downloading a flash player
Ethereal logo
A Network Protocol Analyzer
Allavsoft logo
Download Youtube videos directly to your computer
Unified Remote logo
Control your computer, and up to 100 apps with one remote on your phone
Manga Panda logo
A Manga downloader and reader for Windows.
Gygan logo
Download youtube videos
VideoCacheView logo
Navigates your browser and downloads videos that you might like
Wireshark logo
A program that is used for network troubleshooting.
Jumpshare for Desktop logo
File sharing for Windows has never been so easy
FrostWire logo
A media player, library and file sharing in one!
HostsMan logo
Manage your Hosts files easily
WifiInfoView logo
Navigate through specific wireless networks
Twitch Leecher logo
Download videos from your favorite twitch streams with ease
Fiddler logo
Easily edit and manipulate web sessions
Leatrix Latency Fix logo
An utility software for Windows that reduces internet latency
Jumpshare logo
An application that allows users to share their files in real-time.
PingPlotter logo
Graph and troubleshoot networking information
Allway Sync logo
Sync data between laptops, phones, and tablets from an easy to use interface
Freecorder 8 logo
This allows you to have audio and visual recording of your browser
iMesh logo
Download and play music and video files
Vectir logo
Control your PC using your phone or tablet
SuperScan logo
Detect security vulnerabilities in computer systems
NetworkMiner logo
An open source foresic analysis tool
PowerDesk logo
A graphical file manager that will give you lots of useful information
SocksCap logo
Makes any internet program you are currently using support a socks proxy
cFosSpeed logo
Traffic shaping utility used to incoming and outgoing data streams.
Netcut logo
A security tool for Windows PCs used to protect your WiFi network
LimeZilla logo
A peer to peer (p2p) file sharing client based on limewire
Easy WiFi Radar logo
Detect free wireless hotspots around you and connect to the strongest one
NetSurveyor logo
Gather and display data about WiFi networks
Standalone Flash Player logo
Watch embedded video and audio through a simple browser plug-in.
inSSIDer logo
Go inside your WiFi to diagnose problems and optimize WiFi function
Free Instagram Downloader logo
Download multiple photo links from Instagram
mHotSpot logo
Turn your laptop into a virtual wi-fi router
Vuze logo
A free to download bit-torrent software for Windows and Android devices.
Hamachi logo
Hamachi VPN Client, keeping customers information away from hackers and unsolicited monitoring has never been so useful.
NetVideoHunter logo
Download video clips found on video sharing websites
PingInfoView logo
Ping hosts that the user selects and displays the results
Google2SRT logo
Download and save subtitles for a video
Waterfox logo
An open-source browser that tries to be speedy
EasyTether logo
Turn your Windows-based devices into a Hot Spot
Motorola Device Manager logo
Control your device remotely, installing updates and managing information stored in your device
TV 3L PC logo
Watch live television channels on PC
Feem logo
Transfer files on your local network without an internet connection
MotoCast logo
Motocast will need to keep the computer are streaming files from powered on and online.
Livestream Procaster logo
Record and stream live high definition videos
TomTom HOME logo
A tool that is used to keep your TomTom device up to date.
NetSpeedMonitor logo
Сheck, adjust and monitor your internet connection
Agent Ransack logo
Find files on your computer or network drive
MTPuTTY logo
Manage multiple PuTTY windows in one tab
LG Bridge logo
A software used to bridge all LG devices together so they can be managed in one place
Samsung AllShare logo
A media sharing application for Samsung phones
HP Connection Manager logo
Connect to other devices using wireless networks such as Bluetooth
URL Snooper logo
Find the actual URL of audio or video streams so that the file can be downloaded
OSToto Hotspot logo
Turn your computer into a WiFi access point
Adobe Application Manager logo
Keep all of your Adobe applications updated and usable without hassle
HP Wireless Assistant logo
Monitor the notebook's connections to wireless networks or devices
BitSpirit logo
A user friendly BitTorrent client that allows downloads of all different file types
mRemoteNG logo
Remotely access and manage computers over a network through most major protocols
PeerGuardian logo
A greater security and privacy while using P2P connections
GNS3 logo
A network simulator to simulate network designs
NetLimiter logo
Control where and how your internet connection functions
GoToMyPC logo
Access your PC remotely from other devices
Wifiway logo
Tool to make your wi-fi connection secure
Torrent Rover logo
A fast, efficient, and simple utility that can be used to find and download torrent files
FlareGet logo
A popular download manager
Wifislax logo
Test wireless security with incorporated tools
pdfit for Firefox logo
PDFIT makes it easy to convert any website into PDF and image files.
filsh Online logo
Download videos from Youtube without the need to download any additional software
BetterPrivacy for Firefox logo
Delete all hidden super cookies that are serious risks to your data
iMule logo
An P2P file exchange utility that allows users to connect an anonymous network
Skifta logo
Skifta allows control of various media, wherever it may reside, through the convenience of mobile phone
MediaDrug logo
Download music and create your own playlists, search faster your music and albums from your favorites artists.
iTube Downloader logo
Вownload things called torrents to any of your devices to enjoy tv, movies, and music.
LuckyWire logo
A Peer-to-Peer downloader based on Limewire. It allows you to download your favorite files.
Blockify logo
A light software for blocking audio ads in Spotify songs
4chan Downloader logo
Download images from 4chan as well as other popular image boards
Latency Optimizer logo
A solution for problems with lag, latency, ping, and other online performance issues
StreamTransport logo
Save videos from the internet to your laptop or PC
Cydia Impactor logo
Download third party apps (IPA packages)
WLAN Optimizer logo
Disable background scan activity for wireless networks and improve wireless connections
Youku Downloader logo
A convenient freeware for download flash video from Youku
CurrPorts logo
A simple way to monitor all open network ports and connections on your computer
xVideoServiceThief logo
A plugin for your browser that allows you to download videos from your favorite websites
JDownloader Portable logo
A free download management tool
BitMeter OS logo
A tool that tracks bandwidth usage across multiple operating systems.
LookAtLAN logo
Advanced but very easy to use network monitor! Fast and user friendly monitor can discover active nodes easily
Torrent Monster logo
A bit torrent downloader that can be used to share/download/upload large files like software, movies or music.
Incognito Gone logo
Removes the incognito function from your browser
BFGMiner logo
A modular Bitcoin ASIC/FPGA mining application used to solve hashing algorithms in the creation of new Bitcoin
aTube Catcher logo
A video downloader and converter software used to download videos from the internet to your computer
WinHTTrack logo
A user-friendly offline browser utility
VyprVPN logo
VyprVPN is considered the world’s most powerful VPN. It allows for fast VPN without the use of third party software.
CoolNovo logo
A web browser based on Chromium which sports multiple features not found in other popular web browsers
MegaDownloader logo
A super fast and simple way to download files from
MyPublicWiFi logo
Turn your laptop into a wifi access point
Anyplace Control logo
Control any desktop from your local PC in real time
KeepTube logo
A music/video downloader, player, converter that can be used offline
Videoder logo
Download number of movies, videos from stream video services
Yawcam logo
A very simple and easy to use webcam program
VXDownloader logo
Download videos from social media sites such as Youtube and Facebook
Rtube logo
Get access to video sites quickly with Rtube browser
Jaksta Streaming Media Recorder logo
Download all video formats including YouTube
SuperBird Browser logo
A new browser, secure alternative to chrome
PicBlock logo
Block porn being viewed on a computer.
IpSharkk Hide IP Address logo
Mask your IP address and browse the Web anonymously
Extreme Picture Finder logo
Search the internet, find and save full size pictures or thumbnails to your computer
CometBird logo
A browser that encompasses everything you would want all together in one
LemonWire logo
A P2P file sharing program without the need for torrents
Tunngle logo
A vpn service for gamers
Gramblr logo
Bypass the step of using your smartphone to upload Instagram pictures.
Evaer logo
Evaer is screen and audio recording software specifically for Skype
MP3jam logo
One of the most essential programs to download MP3
Bitcasa logo
Cloud based program that allows you to edit, back-up and sync your files.
MediaHuman YouTube to MP3 Converter logo
The quickest audio converter for YouTube with customizable audio tags and bitrate quality options
ProPresenter logo
Broadcast the live events effectively
Freecorder logo
Record and save audio and video that is streaming in your browser
Mipony logo
A free download manager. Download any files from many websites without hassle.
KeepVid Music logo
Easy way to download MP3s without a monthly payment
SMLoadr logo
Download songs from the Deezer streaming music service.
PPStream logo
Online streaming P2P software which allow user to watch TV Program online.
Turbo Mailer logo
Email processor that sends out emails, emails, and newsletters in bulk.
iTube Studio logo
A cool software that can download videos from popular websites for watching on your device later.
Pelismagnet logo
Pelismagnet is a application which is using to watch movies, TV series and televisions etc.
Spotydl logo
A multimedia application, which is help you to download and record audio and video files from the Web
SnapTube logo
Snaptube is the popular software with which you can download videos from different platforms or Youtube social networks, as well as convert them to MP3 or MP4 audio format
GigaTribe logo
A great option for sharing your files with friends
Ad Muncher logo
Free to use universal browser ad blocking software
Spotflux Lite logo
Encrypted VPN service which conceals your IP and makes it impossible to trace
Bluhell Firewall for Firefox logo
A streamlined and lightweight ad-blocker that blocks ads on websites
Deluge logo
A cross-platform BitTorrent client written in Python