Bluesky Frame Rate Converter

by Bluesky

Frame Rate Converter

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Bluesky

Release: Bluesky Frame Rate Converter 2.14.1

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.9954

This software is Windows only. It allows users to convert frame rates using their GPU. Having a good GPU will be able to provide a fluid and much more interactive frame rate. This will give a plethora of editors, users a sense of mind while using this software. Bluesky Frame Rate Convertor for windows is the top of their class, they support new GPUs and will be the leaders in the cutting edge technology of frame-rates. This software is free to download and free to use up until their trial! convert 24p to 60p to 30p to 60p. This will give users the ability to freedom and ability to use this technology to their fullest potential. Once downloaded Bluesky frame rate converter for windows will allow users to register and deregister the specific features of their choice. For example, we can select devices and which frame rate we desire to use, next we have options set to Auto or any other options. Once downloaded this software will give the users freedom of range for their desire window player. There are several requirements to use this software some of them include that the user is on a Windows 7 machine, have at least Radeon R9/R7series or newer Intel Haswell or nearer, and finally have the good old trustworthy .NET Framework installed and enabled. Users that do not meet this requirement please upgrade or download the required software. Make sure all the software is up to date to prevent any crashes and make sure that the computer is running on WINDOWS or newer. Lastly, we have to mention that this software is FREE, donations are welcomed and they are a development team that regularly releases updates.


  • Support AMD Fluid Motion Video
  • Supports NEW GPUS
  • Free download!
  • Convert 24p to 60p and 30p to 60p by interpolating frames
  • FREE!

Bluesky is a FREE rate converter and is a cutting edge tool that will allow users to convert 24p to 60p or 30p to 60p by interpolating frames using Blueskys software.

Uses GPU to convert frames.

Ronald Pruitt (unverified)
This app, frame rate converter, allows the user the ability to harness the power of your GPU to increase the capacity of any of your installed media players. While there are many complications with media players as is, such as having to find the proper codes and hoping you won't get a virus, you could just use the media player of your choosing to be able to view high quality videos thanks to this software.
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