by Softvoile

Clipdiary clipboard manager saves the complete clipboard history

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Softvoile

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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ClipDiary is a tiny utility that serves a simple but important purpose - monitoring the clipboard. Moreover, the program saves all copied files in its database, which allows you to easily access them. In fact, this feature somewhat extends the basic functionality of the buffer. For example, you can copy several objects or text fragments, and then paste them into the necessary places from the history of the program. The history can be opened by clicking on the corresponding icon in the notification panel. Inserting something from the clipboard is performed by pressing the Ctrl+D key combination. You can also set your own combination. In general, ClipDiary significantly increases the productivity of your computer. The program is very easy to use and has a well-structured user interface.

- allows you to quickly find and paste the part of the text that has been copied before into the right place;

- allows you to find any data that has ever been in the clipboard;

- Includes the ability to restore the buffer contents;

- allows you to save time and increase productivity.

You had me at "the program saves all copied files in it's database". No thank you. To be honest I'm not overly tech savvy but that doesn't sound like a good thing. I guess a business could use something like this but they probably already have ways of keeping records of what goes on with needing any additional software, at least large firms must.
This software improves the way all your pics and texts are organized when copying them to your clipboard. It provides better access to your history of copied information, storing up to 1,000 "clipped" pieces of data. The download and usage of this software is free and will provide greater user ease and access to clipped data that later needs to be pasted.
Clip diary monitors your clipboard! This is a very important product for computer users to have. You can copy multiple objects and fragments and paste them exactly where you need them to go. This is a must have for everyone who works between various programs!
Clipdiary is a freeware clipboard history software app filed under clipboard managers and made available by Softvoile for Windows
ClipDiary helps you retrieve any items that you once had moved over to your clipboard, but forgot about. Regardless of how long ago you've stored a photo or a string of text, ClipDiary will help you recover it. The Help file is useful in terms of orienting you to the tool's interface and layout, so you should definitely take advantage of that to learn how to manage ClipDiary.
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