by Ultracopier

Advanced file-copier software for Windows that allows you to copy your files worry-free

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Ultracopier

Release: Ultracopier

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Ultracopier is a file copying replacement software for windows.  It supersedes Microsoft Windows built-in file-copying service and adds several advanced features to make copying files more secure, pleasant, and faster.


  • Capability to pause and resume your file transfers.
  • Set speed limits for transfers.
  • File queuing, filters, and rename files.
  • Plugins, Skins, and Themes.  Make your UI look how you want.
  • Fast advanced algorithms to speed up transfers. Choose the copy engine you want.
  • CPU optimizations to minimize system load.
  • DRM Free

Ultracopier replaces your built-in windows file copy service.  It adds several features lacking from Microsoft Windows to make your file copying experience better.  It replaces the standard interface with a fully customizable one; you can modify it to your tastes, adding some beauty to your everyday computer tasks.  It's much for attractive visually than any other copier replacement.

Ultra-copier has advanced features that protect the integrity of your data.

It has advanced features to handle file errors and file collisions, has an easy to use dialog option to solve any issues during file copies. It will skip bad files during its copy without terminating the entire copy, unlike the built-in Windows tool. On top of all these features, it's much faster than any default system tool do it's an intelligent reorganization of files in the transfer to optimize the speed.  Furthermore, it adds the ability to pause and resume, limit your speeds, or search through all the files in your copy queue.

Currently, Ultracopier is very lightweight.  It runs in the background of your computer using minimal resources.  When it's time for it to complete a copy task, it launches quickly and responsibly.  It will run on nearly any windows system and is even cross-platform, which means you can bring your favorite tool over to many Linux distributions as well as macOS.  All versions are DRM free, and can even be redistributed for free.

Don Jones
Ever since I was stuck on the side of the road with no copier to send my documents off, it’s been bad. But with Ultracopier, I was able to copy files faster and more securely than I ever would have believed!
I'm loving using Ultracopier. It automatically gets used instead of Windows, which is nice. You don't have do do anything to make it the default copier. My favorite thing is the customization - I can use plugins, themes, all kinds of things to make things look the way I want. I like having control over that stuff.
Samuel Waugh
Ultracopier for Windows is an advanced and yet easy to use portable application designed to enable users to copy or move files and folders with a few clicks. This tool was developed to provide speed limitation, error / colision management, translation and many more interesting features.
I would recommend ultra copier for many reasons. First of all, it is the best replacement for files copy dialogs. Second, it is free and open source. Third, it provides many features such as on-error resume and error and collision management. It is highly customizable and can run on all types of hardware. Finally, the most important reason that you would use Ultracopier is that it is just straight up faster than any other tool.
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