Dexter the FTP Indexer

by Leechsoftware

A program that creates an index of FTP links in HTML format.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Leechsoftware

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Dexter the FTP Indexer is a program created by Leech Software.  Dexter scans for, verifies the authenticity of, copies the location of, and finally indexes FTP (File Transfer Protocol) links, and then collates those results in the form of an HTML file.  It was originally created for use with the Windows 98 operating system.  

In order to accomplish this feat, Dexter generates multiple threads which seek out and copy the locations of FTP links.  Dexter can acquire links from servers (either FTP or WAREZ).  It can also collect URL links from websites if it is directed to do so.  The program then checks and verifies the authenticity of the links that it finds, ensuring that the file that purports to be at that location is still functional and available for download; that way no dead links will appear when the final list is generated.  The finished results are then indexed and that resulting list is presented as an HTML document that can be saved by the user.  This format makes it easier for the results to be turned into a web page or edited.  

Dexter features a simple streamlined interface and quick processing.  The search function allows the user to fine-tune the parameters so that only specific file names or formats are indexed.  The scope of the search can also be configured, selecting the maximum number of threads that can be created simultaneously.  Dexter is capable of searching hundreds of servers and/or sites all at the same time.  It can do this work in as little as seconds, depending on how many servers are being indexed and how many files are located.    

It quickly scans servers for FTP links, verified that they are still good, and then creates an indexed list in HTML format.

  • Searches servers and websites for FTP links.  
  • Results are collated and indexed.  
  • Can scan multiple servers and websites quickly and simultaneously.   
  • Has an easy-to-use interface.   
  • Generates its results as an HTML document.   

This is a great device that adds overall value to one’s security device systems. Additionally, students, businesses and individuals can use this product to personalize their overall options for services. Nevertheless, I find this product extremely useful in my personal business life. However, it seems to be user friendly which gives one easy access to the various technology tools they will employee. Overall it is a great product.
with this software you get a free trail offer. it offers two-factor authentation. also has ip auto banning. and web file transfer client. also offers file retention policies.
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