Dr. Folder

by YLComputing.com

A first time sytsem file storage manager

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: YLComputing.com

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Dr. Folder is an easy-to-use program that replaces the standard folder icons in Windows Explorer. It contains a huge library with ready-made variants of directory appearance and also allows you to use "custom" icons. The selected style can be applied to all folders or selected individually using the Browse key. For example, the program allows you to find a directory with important documentation and mark it with the corresponding icon. Dr. Folder also knows how to apply the selected style to all folders containing content of a certain type (images, music, videos). You can cancel the results of the program at any time by pressing the "Reset by default" button.

In order for the user to be able to convert any image to the ICO format (used for icons), Dr. Folder includes four converters: from PNG to ICO, from JPG to ICO, from BMP to ICO, and from GIF to ICO. All of them can work in the "batch" mode and support adding graphics files by dragging and dropping.

The program has a separate section with links to web resources, from which the user can download new icons for free (if the options that were originally available in Dr. Folder were not to his liking). Note that when using a monitor with a high DPI, icons of the standard size 32x32 may look blurry. Recommended to look for images two or even three times larger.

Dr. Folder is a paid program. However, the developers offer a trial period during which the program can be used without any restrictions.

- allows you to replace the standard folder icons in Windows Explorer;

- contains a rather extensive library with variants of appearance;

- can apply changes to individual folders;

- allows you to use your own images and even convert them to the ICO format by "regular" means;

- Cancel the changes made by pressing a single key.

I think this is a great software product to use. I am the type of person to have a million folders on my desktop. I love saving things and I write a lot so folders are essential for me. This product seems like a good much easier way to save things on your computer. I like that it can save multiple formats.
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