A tool for monitoring and tracking the server’s performance

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: XORUX

Release : LPAR2RRD 7.50

Antivirus check: passed

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In highly virtualized infrastructures, it can be difficult to manage and monitor the performance of server environments. This complexity arises when you have to track numerous metrics and understand the intricate dependencies of variables. The problem is further compounded when your server infrastructure is spanned across different platforms. To provide comprehensive monitoring of server environments, LPAR2RRD offers many features.

LPAR2RRD can retrieve and analyze performance data from various servers. This includes virtualization platforms such as Oracle VM, Proxmox, IBM Power Systems, XenServer, Hitachi Compute Blade, etc. Cloud-based tools such as AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, and Apache or database monitoring platforms like IBM Db2, Enterprise DB, Oracle Database, and Microsoft SQL Server can also be analyzed.


  • Suitable for both virtual and physical servers.
  • Data from servers and different platforms can be seen in one view.
  • OS Agent monitoring of IBM i as well as AIX and Linux is available.
  • Performance monitoring for a server environment.
  • Trends are shown for easy tracking of performance according to time.
  • Includes a CPU workload estimator.
  • Workload partitions are supported.
  • The grouping of LPARs and CPU pools is shown in a single graph.
  • Memory allocation is supported.
  • Includes an RMC check.
  • Historical reports are provided for proper analysis.
  • A resource configuration advisor is included in LPAR2RRD.
  • Supports WLM monitoring to monitor and graph data for all WLM classes.
  • The performance of the CPU and adapter is checked.
  • A heat map is provided for easy visualization.

LPAR2RRD is free to use on Windows and does not require you to register or insert credit card information. Even though free features include most of the useful features, they might not be suitable for large organizations. If you own or manage such a company, then you can upgrade to their paid Enterprise Edition. It includes many advanced features and support from the company in case of technical mishaps.

If you find yourself constantly checking for system alerts manually, then there's good news for you. Custom alerts are sent by LPAR2RRD for proactive monitoring and to address issues before they cause major problems. These alerts can be received through email, SMS, or direct notifications. So say goodbye to manual monitoring and let LPAR2RRD do its magic.

LPAR2RRD is suitable for monitoring the server and is compatible with a variety of products and structures, including Oracle Database, Microsoft Hyper-V, RHV, Nutanix, etc.
IBM Power Systems, AIX, Linux and IBM Storage support required.
Web server with a compatible browser for web-based interface.
Permission to collect and consolidate system and storage performance data.
Capability to monitor and report multiple servers and storages simultaneously.

Offers real-time performance monitoring and detection.
Generates detailed reports on system and storage usage.
Supports a range of IBM systems.

Limited to primarily IBM systems and environments.
Can have high learning curve for beginners.
Report customization could be improved.
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