Electric Sheep

by Scott Draves

A volunteer computing project in which animations are distributed over the computers.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Scott Draves

Release : Electric Sheep 3

Antivirus check: passed

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Based on the artificial life-form, an advanced computing software called Electric Sheep is designed for worldwide users. It is a collaborative abstract artwork in which computers communicate with each other and share their animations called ‘’sheep’’. It is a transparent program in which any computer user can upload a fractal file which is then rendered into an animated video format. After every 15 minutes, a new sheep is displayed to the server.

The shape, movement, and color of every sheep are specified by a genetic code. Once the animations are displayed on the screen, each user can vote for their favorite sheep using the keyboard. The one that gets more votes will survive longer and breed using the mutation algorithm of the program. This way, Electric Sheep explains the phenomenon of evolution and reproduction using a scientific or mathematical approach.


  • An innovative computing program that describes the process of evolution and reproduction over connected computers.
  • It allows you to create a fractal flame and render it into animations so everyone can see your created flock.
  • You can vote for your favorite animation and select which sheep will live longer or reproduce to get more offspring.
  • The parameters are computer-generated or you can also manually design different genomes and upload them to the server.
  • The database of this software is based on images with a high number of votes from servers across the globe.
  • It easily runs on every computer that has a high bandwidth and a strong internet connection in the form of a DSL or cable modem.

Using Electric Sheep, you can create visually appealing abstract animations and add them to the flock. To access the functionalities of this tool, all you have to do is activate the screensaver. Once you’ve installed it on your Windows, the screen will go black and the animated sheep will appear. Get it now to experience the astonishing phenomenon of evolution and reproduction using artificial intelligence.

Electric Sheep involves thousands of users across the globe who can communicate through their computers and access an animated fractal flame.
- Internet connection is required
- OpenGL capable graphics card
- At least 1 GB of RAM
- Operating System: Windows, Mac, or Linux

Provides unique, evolving fractal art for idle screens.
Encourages community interaction through voting system.
Open-source allows for customization and contributions.

Can slow down computer performance during fractal rendering.
Requires constant internet connection for collaborative creation.
Not recommended for computers with low-end specifications.
Matrix ScreenSaver
Immerse yourself in a customizable, green matrix code screensaver, adjustable in parameters and sound effects.