StartIsBack logo
Windows start menu is back!
Samsung Smart View logo
A better screen mirroring
UxStyle logo
Change the aesthetics of your desktop
BGInfo logo
A system that displays important information about the computer in the background saving you time.
XWindows Dock logo
A replacement for the windows task-bar to make it similar to the MAC OS dock
Mindomo Desktop logo
A thought mapping application for desktop
Gamma Panel logo
Adjust the screen brightness, contrast and gamma settings in real-time
PlayOn Desktop logo
Record and watch your favorite streaming sites on desktop!
SwitchResX logo
Dictate how your screen works on your computer
Vysor logo
Brings the screen of your Android to the screen of your PC
Rylstim Screen Recorder logo
Easy high quality video recorder for screen/monitor action and visuals
Screenleap logo
A screen sharing solution that works for everyone instantly
ObjectDock logo
Have a Mac like dock on a Windows computer
BSR Screen Recorder logo
Record and save anything you see or hear on your computer
iPadian logo
Change the screen of your windows desktop to Apple-like layout
DeskPins logo
Make any window or application the topmost window
HyperCam 2 logo
An advanced desktop recording utility specializing in .AVI formats
AirServer logo
A multi-device mirroring receiver for Windows 10 Desktop
Intel Wireless Display logo
Interact with various types of multimedia on more than one screen
OnTopReplica logo
Place your desired window always on top of your opened windows
DreamScene Seven logo
A video wallpaper for windows 7 OS and vista.
Hot Virtual Keyboard logo
Customized touch screen keyboard, that offers an extensive list of features
PaperQuote logo
Free software that finds new and exciting backgrounds online for your desktop or website
Yet Another Cleaner logo
A full-on security utility designed to remove malware from your computer
DuckCapture logo
Make screen captures - quick, easy, and painless
gBurner logo
A user-friendly and powerful software to burn CDs/DVDs and Blue-ray discs