Love Calculator
A fun application to calculate love percentage between two persons
Duck Hunt
A RubberDucky keystroke attack preventor, presented in a form of an executable file that finds and terminates any possible attack
A helpful gadget to listen to radio stations live on your computer with an Internet connection.
Electric Sheep
A volunteer computing project in which animations are distributed over the computers.
Eye Saver
Protects your eyes when you work on your computer screen for long hours
A fake coding and hacking application to prank your friends or loved ones.
Icons8 Pichon
A pixel-perfect desktop app with 130k+ icons, photos, and illustrations
A world clock and time converting software.
A 3D modeling software, made with comfort and quality in ming
Desktop Goose
A software which, when installed, is going to frustrate you or keep you entertained
An ultimate software that can dim your screen brightness without any technical hassle.
Bonzi Buddy
An iconic desktop virtual assistance
Matrix ScreenSaver
Immerse yourself in a customizable, green matrix code screensaver, adjustable in parameters and sound effects.
Keyboard Lights
This software displays virtual keyboard light indicators in the system tray area.
Weather Underground
This is a comprehensive weather forecasting tool providing accurate, hyper-local data across multiple platforms.
Online wallpaper
A tool for automatic downloading and setting of desktop wallpapers based on user preferences
A versatile scheduling tool for tasks, alarms and timers, with scripting capabilities.
Time and Date Calculator
An intuitive tool for calculating, converting, and counting time and date elements
FreeButtonWeb - Free Vector Buttons
Set of free web buttons, including PSD and Ai source files
Screen Ruler
A tool for precise on-screen measurements, essential for web design and programming tasks
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