A digital solution for tracking work hours and managing tasks efficiently
Autumn Scenery
Immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of fall with this realistic screensaver.
Summer Meadows
A nature-inspired screensaver transforming your desktop into an animated, colorful summer landscape
Lively Wallpaper
An application that turns static wallpapers into dynamic, interactive animations while optimizing computer performance
A comprehensive collection of diverse, customizable stock icons with additional design resources available.
Matrix ScreenSaver
Immerse yourself in a customizable, green matrix code screensaver, adjustable in parameters and sound effects.
Keyboard Lights
This software displays virtual keyboard light indicators in the system tray area.
Weather Underground
This is a comprehensive weather forecasting tool providing accurate, hyper-local data across multiple platforms.
AA Route Planner
An online tool for detailed, efficient and adaptable travel route planning with real-time updates.
An online mapping service that offers route planning, real-time traffic info, and hotel booking
Online wallpaper
A tool for automatic downloading and setting of desktop wallpapers based on user preferences
A versatile scheduling tool for tasks, alarms and timers, with scripting capabilities.
Time and Date Calculator
An intuitive tool for calculating, converting, and counting time and date elements
FreeButtonWeb - Free Vector Buttons
Set of free web buttons, including PSD and Ai source files
Free Icon Maker
An intuitive, free tool for creating customizable icons with diverse design features
Flowers and Butterflies
An animated screensaver featuring various butterflies, flowers, and other nature elements with customizable settings
Dark Forces
An animated Halloween screensaver with moving, flying monsters making ominous sounds.
Funny Halloween
An animated, festive application for designing lively Halloween-themed screensavers with sound effects.
It's an intuitive application that displays customizable clocks for different time zones.
Screen Ruler
A tool for precise on-screen measurements, essential for web design and programming tasks
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