Sudoku Solver
An interactive tool that helps users solve Sudoku puzzles by providing hints and validating answers.
Christmas Countdown
Track the time left until Christmas with this festive, interactive screensaver.
Daily Bible Verse
Receive, read and share inspirational Bible verses daily on your mobile device.
A game where you measure specific amounts of time using 7 and 11 minute hourglasses.
Enjoy the classic dice game solo or with friends on your Android device
An efficient, customizable world clock with conversion, synchronization, and calendar features
Live Scores
An online platform for real-time sports betting, providing user-friendly score tracking and team following.
RomCenter is a free software tool to help users organize their ROMs for emulators.
AltMove Mouse Manager
AltMove Mouse Manager is a software designed to customize and enhance the control of your mouse, allowing for more precise and ergonomic movement.
Philips Hue Sync
Philips Hue Sync is a software application that synchronizes your Philips Hue lights to your music, video, and games for a more immersive entertainment experience.
Automated Key Presser
Automated Key Presser is a software program that automatically presses keys on the keyboard at a set speed and interval.
Marvel Shows Folder Icon Pack
Marvel Shows Folder Icon Pack is a collection of high-quality icons that allow users to customize their folders with Marvel characters.
IconLock is a simple and secure password management utility that allows users to store and encrypt their passwords, notes, and other sensitive information.
Fitbit Coach
Fitbit Coach is an interactive personal training app that helps users reach their fitness goals by providing personalized workout routines, audio coaching, and real-time feedback.
Linkbar is a web browser extension that allows users to easily access bookmarks, search engines, and other online resources from a single toolbar.
GirlSense Boutique Fast Facts
GirlSense Boutique Fast Facts is a software program that helps girls to quickly and easily find fashion advice and shop for clothing.
Pomy is an easy-to-use, cloud-based project management tool for teams to collaborate and manage projects more efficiently.
Time Zone Converter - Time Difference Calculator
Time Zone Converter is an easy-to-use calculator that quickly calculates the time difference between two different time zones.
Stargate Earth Icons
Stargate Earth Icons is a collection of icons designed to be used in Windows 7, 8 and 10 to give users a Stargate-themed look and feel.
CopyFilenames is a Windows utility that quickly copies file and folder names to the clipboard.
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