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eMill handles your communication by email

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Emill

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eMill is the solution that chooses the interface that fits your needs and indeed you can either use the web or the windows interface according to circumstances. All the project files reside inside a project tree on the network and are saved in standard formats. eMill avoids unnecessary duplication by connecting directly to the database related to projects and can save time and can work directly on the most accurate and up to date data. eMill helps to have the possibility to connect to many lists for the same projects and then can enable or disable them in a single click. eMill software makes the elaboration of the receivers list easy thanks to a full set of tools. Management of fields containing several email addresses, removing duplicates checking address validity, and sending of the text message.

eMills can alternatively create a project-specific database with preferred applications and use outlook or the windows address book as a data source. eMill provides clear steps by step approach to projects by using distinct stages like publish, design, render, and deliver. Schedule user's mailing, control delivery in real-time, and manages efficiently incoming messages.


eMill belongs to the category communication software with subcategory Other email tools and has been created by eMill
  • eMill uses a highly-focused and updated receivers list.
  • It enables the creation of appealing layouts for your content files.
  • emills has the feature of unlimited of your messages.
  • Measures efficiency, control delivery and manage incoming messages.
  • eMill adapts to all organizations, not the other way around.
  • eMill connects to many databases on the network like Excel, Word, Access, SQL Server, MySQL, XMl and etc.
  • eMill offers a wider scope of applications like stock quotes and reports. 
  • eMill Fax and eMill SMS Add-Ons are the keys to multi-channel communications.
  • eMill has the opportunity to send secure
eMill 5.1.44 (27.83 MB)
eMill 5.24.72 (45.5 MB)
The software is good product and use very good and flex able my use and very use full, and Search and Discover and compare another product , they have big variaty and easy ecces
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It is a multi-usage platform too where we are able to track our requirements remotely