Exact Change

by Wild Man Software

The world’s leading software used by coins and currency collectors of all levels

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Wild Man Software

Release : Exact Change 1

Antivirus check: passed

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Hobbies are always fun but demand passion and attention to detail to make them life-lasting. Similarly, coin collecting is an entertaining and worth-investing hobby that attracts people of all ages. This activity has endless possibilities, as there are always new coins to add to your collection list. However, when collecting and managing coins, you might get frustrated as it takes hours to get information about a newly found coin and add it to your collection.

For this, Exact Change has come for your help. It is advanced software that contains plenty of catalogs and functionality tools to gather details about different coins and currencies. With over 75,000 full-screen, visually appealing colored images, this application generates pictures of collected coins so you can view or print them if needed.


Exact Change provides comprehensive coverage of all coin types so you can keep track of your collected items and see their price or value in different countries.
  • It is an innovative and highly advanced coin managing tool to help people gather information about their coins and currency types.
  • You can get details about the weight, diameter, mintage, KM number, metallic content, and year of the coin. All of this can be accessed with a single click.
  • It has a huge image database that provides a clear and high-resolution depiction of your coins so you can view them in full-screen.
  • It allows you to add rare items in your personalized folder with a custom description and details about the coin. This way, you can add new or unique coins that are not found in this software’s database.
  • To help users with the management process, Exact Change generates reports of your collection. These detailed and custom reports include melting value, price, and sold list of coins.
  • It has a clutter-free interface with multiple options to make the application easy to access for everyone.

The best thing about Exact Change is it allows you to save your collection, so you never lose any coin information. Moreover, you can instantly revalue a coin, change its data, or add additional details if required. Everything is at your fingertips.

- Must support high-resolution visualization of images.
- Should include a comprehensive database for currency analysis.
- Must allow unlimited creation of user-defined fields.
- Should support attachment of documents and images to specific coins.

Includes over 50,000 high-resolution images of currencies.
Provides complete analysis of coin and banknote collections.
Automatic retrieval of coin details from its own database.

User interface can be overwhelming for beginners.
No mobile app available for on-the-go access.
Limited customer support channels.