MComix is an easy to use digital comic book and manga reader

Operating system: Windows

Release: MComix 1.2.1

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Last revision: Last week

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Mcomix is a free downloadable image viewer designed with western comics and manga as its primary focus. Simply open the folder holding your comic and enjoy being able to read it with little to no fuss. Generally speaking, when you purchase an online comics from anywhere other than a major bookselling company, you receive a pdf or zipped file to save it directly to your computer. However, trying to open the said file into a workable program, that doesn't take years to load, can leave a person in frustrated tears. Mcomix is the perfect solution to this problem as it reads these files pdf directly, and gives you the option to read it double-paged just as if you had purchased the physical copy. 

It also has single page options, full screen, zoom features, and an auto-scroll. For those who like to read the traditional manga, there's an option to set the reader on a 'right-to-left' option. Quickly jump to specific pages and always know where you are at with the bookmark feature. 


Written using Python, this program works on both Linux and Windows and can read a large variety of formats.
  • Reads PDF, 7Z, ZIP, and RAR folders directly
  • Has a manga-mode option, allowing for the right to left reading 
  • Zoom features to focus on the details
  • A chance to read double or single pages at a time
  • It's free!

If you are in the market for a free, easy to use image viewer that's fast to install, this is the program for you. When you download directly from the Mcomix website, choose the 'all in one' option for windows computers, as this includes the wrapper program needed to run. Linux computer owners have the option of getting with or without a premade wrapper. Several active forums discuss Mcomix, so if you have questions, there is a community out there to help you find your answers. 

MComix 0.95 (10.79 MB)
MComix 0.96 (10.8 MB)
MComix 1.00 (10.71 MB)
MComix 1.2.1 (22.08 MB)
I am a big fan of Mcomix. It's fast and easy to install and it has an intuitive interface which makes it a pleasure to use. What's especially nice about it—and also rare for these kinds of image viewers—is its ability display two-sided pages, just like reading an actual comic book. It makes a big difference in the overall experience and sets Mcomix apart from the competition.
I love MComix! It's such an easy way to read the comics and graphic novels that I have downloaded to my computer. It was fast and easy to download and install, and the interface is very eay to use. I am using a Windows 7 PC and the software downloaded, installed, and ran with no problems.
Mcomix is an open-source program that serves as a comic book viewer. It's available for both Windows and Linux. This software was designed to handle both Western comics and mangas. It can open many types of archive formats such as LHA, PDF, CBZ, CBR, CB7, and CBT. This software can directly read RAR, ZIP and 7Z archives, as well as all common image formats. The layout is clean and allows you to perform operations with minimum effort, and there is the option to leave bookmarks when you stop reading. Mcomix is equipped with double-page mode, fullscreen mode, manga mode (for reading right-to-left) and smart scrolling. You can also fit images to the window height and width, or zoom in with a magnifier. This software is capable of performing some editing operations, too. You can alter the contrast, brightness, sharpness, and saturation of the images. There is the option to rotate or flip the images, and you can also pick the background color.
Harris Paniagua
MCComix for Windows is software that enables the user to to read multiple file types, it is specifically designed to deal with Western Comics and Manga and can work with other types of work as long as the file types are compatible. Based on the project samples I am simply impressed, its worth a shot. I am going to download it.
MComix for windows is a user friendly and it excellent image viewer .here, we can view image files and compress to any format can also be made which is an amazing feature. the Best comic book viewer and it is Very fast and provides a nice user interface,it is easy to install and it is easy to use. the quality of image viewing can also be adjusted, it is an attractive is available in different modes which are quite interesting it is awesome software... I had a great experience... I like it very much..
There are so many different formats for various files these days. To keep up with all the formats we need to keep a library of programs installed on our computer as well. Keeping a track of all such programs isn't good. This is where MComix comes in. MComix supports all the popular formats including CBR, CBZ, CB7, CBT, LHA and PDF. Many users who are using it now make sure this is the first thing they install on their computer whenever they upgrade or change their PC. Apart from being compatible with all the formats, it has special screen modes that help users navigate the files in various ways. Extremely useful again.
MComix is a great software to view comics from. It is flexible with the type of files that it supports and a few of these formats include CBR, CBT, PDF, and more. Not only is it great for classic comics but it also works with manga, which are read in another format (from left to right). Another feature is that there is maximized for user comfortability, including full-screen mode, double page mode, and smart scrolling. Overall, it seems like a great product to recommend and it would make viewing comics easier.
Traditional book ereaders are not great for reading my comics and mangas. I stumbled upon MComix and am so glad. It makes reading my favorite comics easier. I am able to put my books into full screen mode and press the space bar to turn the page. It is able to turn the page right to left, which is the primary winning feature for me.
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