by ezTalks Co.,Ltd

A software for voice and video conferencing

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ezTalks Co.,Ltd

Release: ezTalks

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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ezTalks is an application software which is created for voice and video conferencing, in this present age and technology advancement there is need to be at various point in time and space with relevant info and persons, eztalks gives a platform to connect with other people in other geographical locations, be it business partners, friends, relatives. With a reliable and powerful platform to connect with other locations with ease,  ezTalk guarantees lots of features that make video conferencing enjoyable and fun. The new version helps to fix bugs and also new features that are really nice, and that makes voice and video conferencing functional. 

ezTalks has the ability to combine more than 80 people at once, which is quite much, whereas other application software in this category does not exhibit this ability for its users. So combining with lots of people needed for the running of your business is guaranteed on a daily basis without the need for you to be there.

ezTalks is compatible with various operating systems like Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, which is an important feature in this regard. The interoperability of the application software with other operating systems apart from windows has made it stood above the other video conferencing software. ezTalks is easy to use on successful completion of the installation with a good graphical user interface for easy utilization, you can easily create an account or login with little details as your Facebook details or with your Google account, the application software gives you the advantage of scheduling meetings, and this sends you a reminder and other people that you have scheduled to partake in the meeting with reference to their time zones. other features that make ezTalks better range from the ability to mute the participant's voice or allow them to talk, which is good during seminars and other business-like events.

  • ezTalks is powerful and reliable video conferencing software
  • It can connect lots of participant in a region of 100 people at once
  • ezTalks provides alarms and reminders of scheduled meetings with reference to other participants and their time zones
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