Finders Keepers

by Yadu Digital, Inc.

A comprehensive tool for advanced file search, text replacement, and quick document examination

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Yadu Digital, Inc.

Release : Finders Keepers

Antivirus check: passed

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Finders Keepers is a sophisticated software designed to search for files, replace text, index all of your hard drives for instant text recovery, display or launch any found file, compress discovered files, and modify the found ASCII text files. It provides a range of features that allow for easy and efficient file management on your computer. It assists you in finding words even if they're misspelled and quickly scanning files and documents with user-friendly navigation buttons.

In addition, Finders Keepers comes with a built-in ASCII text editor and a binary files viewer. These tools make it easy to seamlessly navigate from one discovery to another for swift examination of files or documents. The software also provides options to copy, move or delete found files and you can save your results onto your disk for future reference.

  • File search in 4 ways: plain text search, regular expressions, approximation, and by phonetic similarity.
  • Secure text modification across multiple files and folders with 4 levels of confirmation, including word by word.
  • Modified files are automatically saved.
  • File indexing of selected files or your entire hard drive for near-instant text recovery.
  • Password protection to disable replacement functions for at-risk users.

Finders Keepers' file indexing allows for an overview of your writing projects. Additionally, Finders Keepers provides the capability to replace regular expressions, exclude certain file extensions like ".sys" from all operations, and much more. Among other advanced features, there are approximately 70 options to control search and replacement operations, and what appears in the results.

Finders Keepers software offers sophisticated file search and management, enabling quick recovery and easy modification of text files.

Beyond these features, Finders Keepers also offers functions such as touch, changing file attributes, search and replace in batch mode, search for binary characters, file listing, and drag-and-drop operations from Windows Explorer. The software features pop-up context-sensitive help accessible via F1 key, making using it even easier and more intuitive.

1. Operating system: Windows with drag-and-drop functionality.
2. Available hard drive space for file indexing.
3. Support for password protection features.

Enables sophisticated file search and instant text recovery.
Provides options for secure text modification.
Includes built-in ASCII text editor and binary viewer.

Limited functionality for non-ASCII files.
May require technical knowledge for advanced features.
Does not support cloud storage services.
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