FirePath for Firefox

by FirePath

Easily view, make, and edit XPath expressions and CSS selectors

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: FirePath

Release: FirePath for Firefox * Unknown *

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XPath allows you to identify an element on a webpage as addresses do in real life. With FireBug, you can edit and manage the CSS, HTML, and javascript in real-time. FireBug and FirePath add-ons extend this idea to give you a convenient way to manage your web development.

FireBug integrates with the Firefox browser and gives you a wide array of tools for web development within the browser environment. It allows you to view and edit CSS, HTML, and javascript on any webpage. FirePath add-on for the FireBug extension enables you to add development tools to edit XPath expressions and CSS selectors on any page. 

Installation can't be more straightforward. From the menu Tools>>Web Developer>>Get More Tools, go to the web page where you can find the FireBug add-on. Install it like you would with any other add-on. You can start it by pressing the F12 button on your keyboard. Then install the FirePath add-on from the same page. 

It extends the FireBug add-on allowing real-time monitoring

To use FirePath, open the FireBug add-on, and navigate to the FirePath tab. From that tab, you can view and edit any web element. Just locate the XPath edit field, which points to the desired web element, and you can inspect and then edit your custom XPath, which can then be verified using the highlight button. 

FirePath add-on makes inspecting, editing, and testing the XPath straightforward. You can copy the XPath of any selected web elements quickly and reuse the values in other projects.


  • Inspect HTML sources after processing
  • Highlight changes in HTML source for easier inspection
  • Real-time, on the fly inspection of the codes
  • Easily copy any HTML code on a page 

FirePath add-on will let you extend the capabilities of your FireBug add-on by giving you the options to change, view, and make the XPath and CSS selector locations. 

You need FireBug add-on prior to installing the FirePath add-on. 

FirePath for Firefox is a program that can make and easily view web page addresses. This software has a very easy installation process! This add on allows you to add tools to edit any web page element. FirePath for Firefox is a very easy way to manage your web pages. You can view and edit the CSS and HTML on any web page you wish! FirePath for Firefox allows you to edit XPATH expressions and CSS selectors.
This CSS selector, firepath, has helped me massively in my ability to develop new websites, using this tool has made it far easier and quicker to play with and alter CSS values. It can even generate new CSS values for you as well. The interface is clear and i found it extremely easy for to use. I would recommend it to any website developer.
Firepath is a really great extension to FireBug, it helps editing, inspecting and generating Xpath expressions and CSS3 selectors. This development tool is super helpful and allows you to write XPath yourself, and it will check if it is correct for you. It also generates XPath expressions for elements by simply right-clicking and allowing you to inspect the firepath.
Great tool for examining source codes. Helps me a lot in my everyday work. I fully recommend this if you are using Firefox. Not sure what the chrome equivalent would be but I like Firefox enough to stick to it. You should read up on how these tools work if you haven't already.
FirePath for Firefox for Windows is one of the most popular plugins. It makes Firebug more capable and powerful so I only installed it after I had installed Firebug on my machine. The install was super easy. It was under tools for developers in windows. I followed the instructions and have experienced no problems with it. So happy to have it on my computer. The Firepath gets added to the Firebug toolbar after I installed it so I always know where to find it. Such a smooth process.
This software should only be used by the tech-savvy. Installs as an add-on for Firefox. It helps locate CSS vectors, on a webpage. The elements can then be inspected and used by such devices as selenium to automate redundant actions on the web. The software can show the details of basically any element on a webpage. A very useful, that is also free. Would recommend it to anyone who knows what CSS stands for.
the best web developer tool to have, it gives all the control of the web page you're working on. it has feature that shows highlighted code in yellow to make sure you did not miss anything in the code. The best part is that it is not that hard to use and really easy to use. you can modify CSS or HTML in real time as well.
This app is easy to add to firefox if you have a windows computer. The plug-in is pretty straight forward and can be removed at any time. This app allows you to manage java scripts in real time. You can also add developmental tools You can highlight changes within the extension to see what has already been altered. You can also copy any HTML code on any page!
This app does it's best to help you avoid malware. It helps you detect possible harmful viruses and gets rid of them. It helps you uninstall and remove extensions on your browser that could potentially cause harm to your PC. This app is free of charge and very easy to use. If you do not have an antivirus software already on your computer, than this is a great option for you.
There is a good software that acts as plugin and they also have to act as a web developer. This is a great piece of application that can be used for PC and Firefox/ There is a lot of recognition through this app on places such as techbeamers and edureka. This is a great application to use overall and every person would benefit from using the software
Firebug is an add-on for Firefox. It's an amazing web development tool for debugging. It also has editing, monitoring any and all websites CSS,DOM, and HTML. Oh, and Javascript for the computer. Firebug can also inspect UI elements of the web applications. It has a nice user interface and runs really smoothly.
Very Practical. Simple And Powerful Design. Its very Easy To Use . Very Good Solution For Quires To Page Directly in Firefox interface and Its a Good Replacement . Only issue Doesn't have any window dimensional change.
Ryan Q*******x
FirePath is an add-on for the Firefox browser that provides developers with an enhanced XPath and CSS inspection tool. FirePath enables developers to quickly generate and edit XPath expressions and CSS selectors and see the results live on the page. FirePath also provides developers with the ability to use XPath and CSS selectors to quickly locate elements on web pages.