by Mikhail N. Kupchik

Flash tool allows USB devices to be bootable on Windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Mikhail N. Kupchik

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FlashBoot is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to create bootable USB drives. Thanks to it, you can even install a full operating system on a "flash drive" to run it freely on any computer. Of course, such a copy of the same Windows cannot be called a full-fledged copy, but still it will be quite functional.

The interface of the program is very simple, because it is made in the form of a step-by-step wizard. In order to create a bootable disk, you need to choose the source (it can be a CD/DVD or an image file), as well as indicate which media you want to burn it to, the rest of the program will do for you. FlashBoot has a special mode for writing so-called compact operating systems, can work with media of any size and allows you to automatically format the "flash drive" before writing.

- has several modes for different data sources;

- allows you to install "miniature" operating systems;

- is recording in a few steps;

- works with media of any size.

Flashboot is used when a consumer is trying to move their Windows 7 OS to a new PC. It can create a fully functioning clone of the software that can be installed to the new location. It is also less commonly used for the same function for the Windows 8 and 10 programs. The programs can be installed into a flash drive. It is an excellent tool for transferring data to new computers (including non-Windows computers).
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