Flowers and Butterflies


An animated screensaver featuring various butterflies, flowers, and other nature elements with customizable settings

Operating system: Windows


Release : Flowers and Butterflies 2.0

Antivirus check: passed

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The "Flowers and Butterflies" software is an animated screensaver showcasing the best of nature with stunning beauty and diversity. It is part of our product line that caters to the passion of thousands of our users for the natural environment. The screensaver not only features flying butterflies and colorful flowers, but also a variety of other creatures such as dragonflies, bees, spiders, birds, and other animals, all animated in a realistic manner.

This software transports you to an enchanting summer garden, filled with lush grass, lawns, and flourishing and vibrant gardens. Spice up your desktop with a dash of exuberance and life by using this free animated screensaver. The "Flowers and Butterflies" software is designed to run on any Windows operating system and at any screen resolution.

  • Built-in analog clock
  • Realistic water effects
  • Nature sounds
  • Flexible settings
  • Sound effects

With its flexible settings, this screensaver can be customized to your preferences. Moreover, it incorporates sound effects for an immersive user experience. This software delivers the serenity of nature directly to your desktop. It offers outstanding attention to detail, enhancing the visual experience with its realistic water effects and built-in analog clock.

"Flowers and Butterflies" software immerses users in nature's serenity with realistic animations and sound effects.

The "Flowers and Butterflies" software is absolutely free. So, why wait? Start enjoying the beauty and tranquillity that nature offers with this animated screensaver, and uplift your desktop with the vibrancy of flowers and butterflies.

Compatible with any Windows operating system
Suitable for any screen resolution
Requires sound card for audio features
Settings customizability

Offers realistic representation of flora and fauna
Features soothing nature sounds
Customizable to user's preferences

Doesn't offer multiple display support.
Not compatible with non-Windows operating systems.
No option to mute or change sound effects.