by Folge

An intuitive app for capturing and editing step-by-step process documentation.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Folge

Release : Folge 1.12

Antivirus check: passed

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Folge is an innovative software that offers numerous features to enhance your results, regardless of the process you are looking to document. It provides a step-by-step guide that, although still in its initial phase, already boasts significant features, an appealing design, and a well-adapted structure. Given these factors, we can only surmise that any future updates will boost the performance and make the software even more impressive.

The Folge software intuitively guides the user through the necessary steps. Simply start by creating a new guide: activate the screen recorder and determine the area that needs to be captured. During the process, all elements (within the selected screen) you click on will trigger a screenshot that will be recorded and saved. The software doesn't just record an image for every click you make, it also stores a marker of the region where you clicked (like a button you've pressed).

  • Automatic screenshot capture at each click, with a marker of the region where you clicked.
  • Built-in screen recorder to determine the capture area.
  • Screenshot editor for multiple adjustments on each image.
  • Addition of titles, descriptions, and various annotation elements directly on the image.

After capturing the steps of your process, your screenshots will be recorded and loaded into the editor. This allows for numerous adjustments: each image can be given a name/title, a description to detail the process in writing, and all kinds of marks and elements can be added directly onto the image (arrows, circles, lines, separate text insertions, adding step numbers directly onto the image, etc.). Thus, Folge is a powerful tool for the visual documentation of your processes.

"Folge software enhances process documentation by intuitively capturing, editing, and annotating every step."
- Operating system: Windows 7 and higher
- A minimum of 4GB RAM
- At least 2GB of available disk space
- Screen resolution of 1280x800 or higher

Simplifies visual documentation with intuitive screen recording feature.
Enables detailed annotations directly on captured images.
Automatically captures screenshot at each click, enhancing documentation.

Still in its initial phase, may lack advanced features.
Limited editing options for screenshots.
No option to record videos, only screenshots.