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designed to convert audio tracks from AMR recordings to MP3 format.

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The free AMR to MP3 converter is a free tool used in windows, it a software program is used to convert audio tracks from AMR file formats to MP3 format.This software contains a simple interface, easy to use .We can easily convert the file and import AMR files into MP3 Format.However the software will convert the file from AMR to MP3 format in a single click .The software is used to convert AMR to MP3 format in quick and easy way.We can easily converts the file in winzip style interface. The free AMR to MP3 converter also support multithreading feature.The main specification of this software is we can check the size , time ,status  , source and output path of the AMR files present on the computer ,we can then select the convert the mp3 option from the menu and start the process.Once the process is completed it will gives an alert signal it will be useful for us. The free AMR to MP3 converter software will utilize only small amount of process in our computer. The free AMR to MP3 converter  takes a short time to convert and produces excellent sound quality. This software offer no help to manually configure the samples. The  free AMR to MP3 converter  software is very simple program with user friendly features.During the process conversation we can easily select or deselect the files present in the software.This software provides batch conversation feature, by this option we can transfer multiple AMR file at the same time without downloading all of them at once. It will send the files in 4 different folders and automatically placed in appropriate folder as required. The free AMR to MP3 converter is a quick, easy to use converter that allows the user to convert a huge amount of files .It supports all types of windows os like x64 bit and X32 bit.Its a freeware software.


  • Support Windows both the bits
  • Easy to use
  • User friendly interface.
  • Provides perfect solution.
  • High quality audio


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