Free Mp3 Wma Converter

by KoYoTe Soft

A software allowing one to transform audio files in different formats

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: KoYoTe Soft

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Free Mp3 Wma Converter is a great program that allows you to convert audio files stored in mp3, Wma, Ogg and Wav photos. Also with the help of this application you will be able to save music recorded on CDs on your computer. The program also has a simple, fast and efficient tag editor called Tag Editor (V1 and V2).

Audio formats can be converted in the following directions:

Mp3 in Ogg, Mp3 in Wma, Mp3 in AAC, Mp3 in Wav...

WAV in Mp3, Wav in Ogg, Wav in AAC, Wav in Wma.

Wma in Mp3, Wma in Ogg, Wma in AAC, Wma in Wav.

Ogg in Mp3, Ogg in Wma, Ogg in AAC, Ogg in Wav...

AAC in Mp3, AAC in Wma, AAC in Ogg, AAC in Wav...

Ape in Mp3, Ape in Wma, Ape in Ogg, Ape in Wav.

Flac in Mp3, Flac in Wma, Flac in Ogg, Flac in Wav.

M4a in Mp3, M4a in Wma, M4a in Ogg, M4a in Wav...

Ac3 in Mp3, Ac3 in Wma, Ac3 in Ogg, Ac3 in Wav...

- a simple and intuitive interface that even inexperienced users can easily understand;

- built-in tag editor;

- allows you to convert many popular file formats;

- allows you to save music recorded on CDs to your computer;

- the program is free.

Free audio convertor with no strings attached free is free can convert different audio formats easily
What a fantastic software product. As a video editor, converting files, especially audio files can be a hassle that takes up a lot of time. The MP3 WMA converter has helped me so much in converting my MP3's to WMA's. The conversion time is super fast and requires minimal effort on the user end. Would definitely recommend!
Free Mp3 Wma Converter is a great tool to have if you need to convert multimedia files. This conversion tool works quickly and efficiently, but above all, it works accurately. It can bring high-quality sound to media files in large, bulky formats. The tool impressively turns uncompressed formats into smaller files that still maintain the quality and integrity of the audio file.
This is a basic file converter. You can use formats of MP3, AAC, OGG, WAV, and WMA. It has a classic look and feel with very little fluff. Its barebones so not too many features or anything special about it. It's free and functions on pretty much any Windows computer. I highly recommend it for quick and easy uses.
I absolutely love using the Free Mp3 Wma Converter for Windows because it's a program that makes it so easy to transform various file formats from one to another. It's compatible with a full range of formats, including but not limited to OGG and WAV, as well as MP3 and WMA. It works in seconds and never compromises the quality of the original file either.
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