A rootkit utility for scanning and removal

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: GMER

Release: GMER 2.2.19882

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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GMER is essential for users looking to detect rootkits and any software which works with rootkits. For simple and advanced users alike, this program functions as a free rootkit program that finds and locates threats. It also removes rootkits as desired, and serves as the perfect utility for this purpose. It has the capabilities of fully scanning your Windows PC or laptop and searches to find any programs or processes which are not explicitly shown. These include threads, services, modules, registries, files, disks, data streams, external components, drivers, and inline hooks. It is very diverse in what it can work with and is very reliable in what it functions to do. It is very precise and locates any hidden components which the user is looking for. If working with rootkits, then this program is essential as a program that is optimal in working with rootkits and any other similar rootkits.

GMER  is very versatile, and there are no alternatives that can match the performance and capabilities of this program. Even if viable, these programs are nowhere close to matching the performance of this program in accomplishing what it can. It works with so many hidden processes, programs, threads, modules, files, disk sectors, inline hooks, SSDT, IRP, and drivers that it has the full functionality required by the highest standards.

I would highly recommend that all users look into this program as a great solution for working with these programs, as it provides pivotal functions and is very diverse in terms of anyone looking to work with advanced aspects like rootkits. It is free to use, which means that it combats other alternatives, which may require users to pay a subscription or a one-time fee. This makes this a gold program for free, with all of the features which you would ever need from a rootkit utility.

Allows users to scan for multiple file types and components

  • Find and detect rootkits
  • Locates programs, processes and other hidden components
  • Simple user interface
  • Free to download
  • Thorough in search and location
GMER 2.1.19357 (0.36 MB)
GMER 2.2.19882 (0.36 MB)
This is a good software program for remodeling rootkits. It’s impressive how it can find and remove them. I would recommend this to everyone including friends, family and coworkers. Very easy to use and impressed with service.
I would say that GMER is a near essential piece of software. In my experience with rootkits, there is truly no other software as good and reliable as GMER for detection and removal. Would recommend for anyone experiencing trouble with rootkits giving unwanted access.
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