The secure antivirus application for your PC and USB flash drive.
A quick torrent indexer tool to provide all media servers at one place
A nice portable network auditing program, being light, effective, and free of charge
Online life and work organizer, capable of managing multiple instances of data, credentials, their syncing, and storing information, all in one place
Htpasswd Generator
A valuable tool to create a password for Htpasswd files.
K7 Total Security
A powerful security tool with amazing features for the overall protection of your Windows
Universal password manager that also allows for data storage, all protected by proffesionals
A software to check the PC's current condition to take measures for effective performance.
Caesar Cipher
The most widely known encryption tool used to send secret messages
Zip Lock
A simple zip-locking tool, aimed to one utility side of the .zip files
USB Lockit
A software that secures USB drives
AppGuard is a software which you can install on your computer and server to prevent all kinds of malicious attacks.
PDF Password Unlocker
A secure password remover tool to unlock encrypted PDF files quickly
The comprehensive monitoring software used to track the activities of a user
Highster Mobile
Highster Mobile is a software that can monitor the activities of a cellphone
A great VPN made with many features
Block WhatsApp
A free tool that instantly blocks or unblocks WhatsApp on your Windows computer.
Port Listener
It's a free tool used for establishing, testing, and verifying network connectivity via TCP ports.
Word Password Remover
Easily remove and recover lost or forgotten passwords from Microsoft Word documents
Temp File Cleaner
An automated tool for deleting temporary files to free up significant hard-drive space
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