Block WhatsApp
A free tool that instantly blocks or unblocks WhatsApp on your Windows computer.
Port Listener
It's a free tool used for establishing, testing, and verifying network connectivity via TCP ports.
Word Password Remover
Easily remove and recover lost or forgotten passwords from Microsoft Word documents
Hash Checker
A tool for calculating and verifying file hash using popular algorithms like MD5, SHA1
Temp File Cleaner
An automated tool for deleting temporary files to free up significant hard-drive space
An advanced cybersecurity solution for detecting and monitoring various digital threats.
An efficient, versatile tool for small to medium-sized businesses, facilitating task, project, and sales management, and invoicing.
Password Depot
A secure tool for managing, generating, and protecting all your sensitive passwords
An easy-to-use application blocking access to adult content across all web browsers.
Free Porn Blocker
A reliable, intuitive program that blocks pornography sites to protect children
A free recovery tool for lost Firefox Master Passwords with multiple cracking methods
PDF Password Cracker
Unlock PDF documents with ease using various attacks to crack passwords
Block Facebook
A free tool for easily blocking or unblocking Facebook on Windows systems
Folder Locker
A security tool to encrypt, hide, track, and control access to files
WiFi Password Recovery
Instantly recover forgotten wireless passwords and analyze their security configurations
Encryption Software
A tool that secures personal data by converting it into an unrecognizable format using advanced encryption methods
Screen Monitor
A tool that monitors computer activity via periodic screen captures
An intuitive, secure file-sharing application enabling anonymous transfers without cloud storage
Kaspersky Free Antivirus
This is a reliable, free antivirus offering real-time protection against malicious files and phishing attacks.
Touch N Go
A versatile biometric framework enabling fingerprint recognition integration into various applications.
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