by Ming-Ye Iuu

GNU zip is used for the compression utility which is structured to replacement for compress.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Ming-Ye Iuu

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

Report misleading

This program can be run from a command prompt. The software understands both the backward slash, which is the default program in the software, and the forward slash in the filenames. The support must include large, and the native language will be more comfortable for this software is the main advantage of the software.

For the use of developers, it contains the sub-package, which is more helpful for the users who can handle the software. There is a Help option which is included on the page, which is more helpful to the users if they have any doubts about the software when working in the process.

The users may ask any kind of question about the functions of the tools which is implemented in the software. And if the users have any issues they will raise their reports on the discussions page. And there are several kinds of discussions that are posted in the form, which is helpful for the user for their reference.

It has the use of the Home directory, Temporary-file directory, and the filename globbing and quoted arguments which expand wildcards on the command-line sometimes differently from UNIX.

The user interface is moderately easy for the working progress. Since the user can easily practice the software for their great use. By overall conclusion, the software is good to working condition and have various kind of tools for the comfort zone.

GNU zip provides much better compression with the patented algorithms.

 It can decompress files by using specific functions.

 It has an automatic function format for the input.



Gunzip is a really great tool for compressing your files into smaller ones. It's really easy to use and also reliably consistent, which is great for when I'm trying to save space on my drive. I wasn't expecting to like this tool so much, but it doesn't have the same algorithm issue as LZW's compress so I use it frequently. Recommended.
Euan N******i
GUnzip is a free, open-source utility for decompressing files compressed with the gzip format. It is a cross-platform command line tool that can be used on Windows, Linux, and MacOS systems. GUnzip is designed to be fast and efficient, making it a great choice for those who need to decompress large files quickly.