by Miray Software AG

Erase Your Hard Disk In Secure Manner Using This Application That Employs Multiple Security Algorithms

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Miray Software AG

Release: HDShredder 5.0.3

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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HD Shredder is essential for anyone who needs to securely erase data from their hard drive and works independently of partition layout, file sys­tem, and operating system. For example, if you are thinking of selling an old PC then this software would be an ideal tool in preparation for the task as you will want to wipe the data until it is beyond recovery.

It can be applied to hard drives, mass storage, individual partitions, and the deletion type can be selected from a variety of international security standards.

The app has a clean layout and simple interface, which means newcomers should find it easy to handle. Using the interface you can select entire drives or partitions and within the partition, you can even pinpoint the areas you want to delete permanently.  

There is a myriad of display stats including total size, controller, name, serial number, vendor, and firmware. The wiping methods available are 'Automatic,' 'Standards,' and 'User-Defined.' The latter means the user can choose their deletion pattern and the number of times the software overwrites the data. If you don't want to mess around with settings you can choose the first option and if you want more control of which algorithms are used when you choose the second option. The algorithms to choose from include DOD 5200.28M, Gutmann, Pfitzner, and Schneier.

HDShredder can also run speed tests and create bootable media

  • wipe the data until it is beyond recovery
  • Uses several wiping methods
  • Works with proprietary formats
  • Simple interface and a clean layout
  • Intuitive design makes it great for beginners

HDShredder is a useful and content full tool that can be utilized for numerous different tasks; like a Swiss army knife, it is useful to have on hand. Veterans will find the wealth of options pleasing and beginners should find the program easy to use.

Available in five different editions from Basic up to Enterprise

HDShredder 4.0 (11.49 MB)
HDShredder 5.0.3 (87.3 MB)
Scott Steen
Hdshredder can run speed tests and create bootable media. The app has a clean layout and simple interface.
HD shredder is a freeware disk cleaning solution for your computer that cleans-deletes any unnecessary files. There are more robust-paid-premium versions available, but most users should be able to get by fine w the free version. It does a good job of removing unwanted files and is easy to install and use
This is the premier tool for erasing entire hard drives and partitions for Windows users. For those who would like to rid their files and content entirely without a trace, this software product for Windows is for you. Take safety and security measures by downloading this program before you erase your drives and you will be guaranteed to not have your information and files return ever again.
Oscar Homer
HDShredder for Windows is software that deletes content of your HDD and allows you to partition. If you know your way around a Windows computer you will never need to use HDShredder for Windows. You can do anything this program can do stock with a Windows computer. $200 for software that is included with your operating system.
HDShredder is an amazing product for those who are always paranoid about their data not being completely deleted. When you delete data from a hard drive, the data in the hard drive is not really deleted, just replaced if it needs more space. This makes it so that "deleted" data can be restored by people who are good at it. However, with this software, the data from the hard drive is actually deleted and unable to be restored, which is an extra step to keeping your data safe from others. It is necessary for those who really want to delete important information and make sure there is no trace of it.
This software works very well with all types of drives. There is a free and premium version but if you are working on a regular basis you may want to download the premium version for further functionalities. Its easy to install and will quickly erase the data on the drive.I was able to able to delete 60Gigabytes of memory in one minute. That's just insane. It works very well with USB flash drives too.
The HD shredder 5 looks like a quick and efficient way to delete any of your data on a computer. It is very reliable to delete harddrives and hard discs and it does so securely and quickly. Anyone who needs to delete anything on their computer should definitely consider getting one of these to do it safely and quickly. Businesses could benefit by using this to delete a lot of computer systems quickly. I would recommend the Entreprise Edition for businesses who need to delete a lot of files quickly (60gb per minute). Give it a try!
If you're looking for a tool to clear your entire hard disc or other media files, then this is software. There are three versions of this software currently available in the market HDShredder Basic Edition, HDShredder Standard Edition, HDShredder Professional Edition. At the moment the operating system supported by the software is only windows. We should use the software if we're selling donating or get rid of our old computer or hard drive. This software is capable of deleting are under hard drive or other storage media with a high speed.
If you really want to erase everything on a hard disk or any other storage device HD shredder will shred it to dust. it is easier to use with user-friendly interface and its free version will let you erase everything 6gb per minute and its more than average but still there are packages according to your need starting from 0 to 200 Euros. You may need to buy a package for advanced PCs.
I love using this software because I know it works great. I know the stuff I want deleted on my hard disk and Storage media will be deleted correctly. Some software do not have the same accuracy of HDShredder which is why this software is great.
HDShredder is a disk cleaning utility that provides you with many features and different levels of security. It gives you the ability to delete (high speed) entire hard drives and/or storage media. It does such a good job that any data deleted is unrecoverable. The core functionality is the same for the free and paid versions. However, the free version is limited to level 1 security while the Enterprise version is level 217 security.
HDShredder it is free-to-use software that deletes the content of the hard disk in a larger portion. this can be used for deletion purposes. HDShredder can be used in the partition layout. It will leave no traces of files and folders. It comes from Miray software which is again a disk cleaning utility that comes in five versions. can be built in other basic functionality.
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