HTML to PDF React

by HTML to PDF React Innovix Labs

A fast and accurate library to generate PDF documents in React, JAVA, or . NET.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: HTML to PDF React Innovix Labs

Release : HTML to PDF React 2023.8.6

Antivirus check: passed

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Web developers often experience difficulty when creating invoices, generating reports, or sharing information with team members. This is because they need to convert the content into a simple and readable format such as PDF. For React application users, it becomes more hectic to generate and edit files in a universally accepted format. For this, this HTML to PDF tool has come for your assistance. 

This open-source library contains all the features needed to convert HTML or web pages into printable PDF format. Using this software, you can create and configure a React project, download the files needed to convert HTML into PDF, and finally import the necessary modules. Doing so will assist in managing PDF files in the React application so you can use them in your modern web applications. 


It allows developers to manipulate, edit, and convert files into portable document formats (PDFs) from different programming languages.

  • It is a versatile library you can use to create PDF files in React or other programming applications. 
  • You can import the HTML files into PDF format by maintaining the layout and formatting of the text. 
  • The conversion process is straightforward and is made less technical using the React components. This way, you can directly transform your HTML text or web pages into printable PDF form within minutes. 
  • There are no prerequisites for this software, and all you need is a basic understanding of React with an integrated development environment (IDE). 
  • It also contains a text editor that allows you to remove, add, or modify parts of the content per your needs and preferences. 
  • It is compatible with all devices, including Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Thus, you can access it on different operating systems with ease.

To convert HTML into PDF using this HTML to PDF software, you have to start with setting up your project. To create a project, navigate to the desired directory, run the command to create a new React application, and then navigate to the project directory. Here, add the required dependencies, style the components and generate the output file in PDF. With these simple steps, you’re all set to get your printable file format. 


1. Must be compatible with the React JavaScript library.
2. Required ability to convert HTML documents into PDF files.
3. Must allow high level of customization in PDF rendering and layout.

Supports quick and efficient HTML-to-PDF conversions.
Allows high-level customizations for PDF layout.
Seamlessly integrates into any React project.

Requires previous knowledge of the React JavaScript library.
May struggle with complex or large-scale HTML documents.
Limited flexibility compared to other, similar tools.