IdiomaX Translation Suite

by IdiomaX LLC

This application used for translating the documents, files and et.c

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: IdiomaX LLC

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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This application is very usefull in every area of job, such as commercial, journalism or any techinals areas, where the documentation plays the important role in this work. Simply and with no any problems to translate the documents. 

The design of app is well-based, also very simple, and understanble, that have a lot of features. Also the application can be resized, as it van be used on the documents, while work. As, this application helps me a lot in work, while I can use it over the documents. Also, the special offers like a bundle, that have a lot range of languages such as english, spanish, germany and et.c. . Also for a bundle, it have 5 different tools, for a spesific work, like translating the email, websites, and et.c.. While at work, is can help to start to understand the languages you are working from. It helps tp improve the language skills.

It also, help to understand a difficult a technics terms or complicated documents, and for writing the documents and files while using the correct terminology. 

And the end, it better to use and discover the new languages, than to pay for someone, to transltae the document, as it can be expensive, and uselles for some workers. 

Translate 5 main languages.

  • First at all, the main feautures of the app, that it can translate virtually anything.
  • Other features of the app, that it have a lot of languages that can be translated and translate from.
  • It also can be used for tranlslating the recieved email from someone.
  • The spesific, bundle that was added, were translation suite that used for internation commerce.
  • It also, translates official documents, that can be translated using a technic vocabulary for those area.
  • One of the good, but not least, os that there is no high requierments for downloading or working on this application.