A simple application to create interactive test quizzes within minutes
Codex Sinaiticus
A software solution that contains the Bible and all of its texts in Greek, organized by Old and New Testament
A tool often used as an English-Indonesian dictionary/translator with a built-in search engine
Electric Field
An excellent education software to measure field strength and potential as per magnitude
A multifunctional typing tutor to improve your typing speed and accuracy
Life Scriptures
A freeware educational software to study the Bible in multiple languages
Writers Desk
Helps writers do creative writing efficiently without distractions
AnkiApp Flashcards
It uses the concept of virtual flashcards to help users memorize effortlessly
Guitar and Bass
A software designed for musicians, particularly those who play guitar or bass
Gives an analysis of meteorological data related to drought conditions
Helps students and professionals learn and discover verb conjugations across many languages
Ginger Software
The all-in-one writing assistance to correct grammatical and spelling mistakes.
Cross-platform software suite intended for educational use of kids under the age of 10
ePub to Kindle
A digital management tool to organize and convert e-books into multiple formats
LCM Calculator
A tool used to find the Least Common Multiple (LCM) of a set of numbers
Projectile Motion
A highly interactive physics simulation that explains the concepts of projectile motion
PictoBlox is the best coding software for beginner developers.
A smart and innovative fitness tracking software to achieve your health goals
CNC Simulator
CNC Simulator is a free software which helps you understand the CNC machining processes with a practical approach. The best part is, you don't need access to physical machines to learn the core functions and prototyping methods.
Exam Software
A comprehensive solution for creating, administering, and managing computer-based tests, with multimedia support and multilingual capabilities
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