by Andsor Research Inc.

An open-source MRP II application for comprehensive business and manufacturing management.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Andsor Research Inc.

Release : IFOP Nov2014

Antivirus check: passed

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IFOP is a customized Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP II) software, which is built on the foundation of open-source (OpenVMS COBOL) code and its associated documentation files. It can function on any platform that supports OpenVMS, including PCs running hardware emulation software. This system was specifically designed for an industrial fastener manufacturer in Ontario, Canada, and is a fully integrated, standalone system with hundreds of interdependent functions.

These functions cover a wide array of business aspects, ranging from production to accounting, including sales, shipping, EDI, quotes, batch management, quality assurance, product costs, machinery and tools, preventive maintenance, inventory management, warehousing, raw materials, and purchasing.

  • Comprehensive integration and standalone system: IFOP deftly combines a variety of interdependent functions into a single system, enabling efficient management of all business operations.
  • Flexible geographical placement: The software operates on any OpenVMS compatible hardware, allowing its use across all locations.
  • Customization: While IFOP was originally moulded to suit the needs of a specific industry and company, its generic components allow integration with minimum modifications into other applications.
  • Continuous improvement: IFOP has been in use and continuously improved over many years, hence assuring proven reliability and robustness.

In addition to serving the specific needs of a North American automotive industry company, IFOP proves useful in many other contexts. As some of its components are generic, they can be easily adapted and integrated into other applications with only a few modifications.

IFOP efficiently integrates diverse business operations into a single customizable system, enhancing management and operational effectiveness.

Moreover, with a reasonable investment of time and effort, many functions can be adapted to meet other commercial needs or platforms. Thus, IFOP not only offers a tailored business management solution, but also provides an excellent insight into key programming concepts for developing and maintaining sophisticated, custom business applications.

1. Compatible with any OpenVMS supported platform
2. Requires hardware emulation software for running on PC
3. Allows integration with other applications with minimal modifications

Fully integrated, standalone system for efficient management.
Functions on any OpenVMS compatible hardware.
Continuously improved over many years, ensuring reliability.

Requires knowledge of OpenVMS compatible hardware.
Customization requires significant time and effort.
Limited to businesses with specific industrial functions.
IFOP software is super helpful for organizing surveys and analyzing data.