PostScript Viewer
A personal use application to easily view the postscript files in Windows.
A mind mapping program to help with research and planning
A lightweight and highly intuitive document viewer that supports multiple formats
An educational utility designed to access your children’s activities on internet.
Temperature Converter
A Windows application to perform conversion operations between different temperature units
A Vietnamese keyboard-input utility program
Team-organization oriented productivity tool
A data management software to create databases or share information or messages
An innovative text-entry interface used in place of a full-sized keyboard
A free and open-source tool to manage your clipboard history and items
Stock Predictor
Advanced software to analyze and test the stock charts and investment strategies
A memorization tool based on flashcards so you don’t forget anything
An advanced brand management tool to keep track of your business on social media channels
PDF Agile
An all-rounder software that provides PDF management solutions.
Job Designer
A multi-functional software for scheduling and managing resources
Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Design
A powerful tool for designing and analyzing shell and tube heat exchangers
ID Card Maker Software
A versatile tool for making professional ID cards
A software tool to search text in multiple files
This is software that any trader can use to exploit and understand the discrepancies in prices of distinct markets to gain profit.
Mendeley Desktop
Total system management app, with many practical features in place
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