iMyFone MagicMic

by iMyFone Technology Co.

A real-time AI-based voice changer with many filters to choose from

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: iMyFone Technology Co.

Release : iMyFone MagicMic 1

Antivirus check: passed

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iMyFone MagicMic poses as an easy, yet quite capable voice changer that allows for a fast way of changing your voice both in real-time and in post-production if needed. Now one of the best sides of this program is its plethora of voice modes and models  (which are, in fact, over 300), as well as such fast soundboard sounds and familiar. Free voice recorders with choosable file types also take place and come built-in into the software. Close to that is also voice cloning, something like that of the aforementioned audio recorder, having the ability to "clone" the voice of anyone selected in a few moments, to be later used as a separate voice model.

To list some other things the application consists of would also be an inbuilt and intuitive interface with some basic customization, nothing too special but still decent overall. Library features, and their creation/selection, focusing on bringing all of the frequently used models in one place to organize and fasten the switching process. The setup is also made really easy due to the way most communication apps (like Discord, TeamSpeak, etc) allow for simple selection of the input device, which in this case is the MagicMic program, and their further use by application work, so voice changing and soundboard. 


iMyFone MagicMic is a great voice changer, utilizing things like on-time AI filters and voice modes
  • Huge variety of models and modes, addable ones, too
  • Support for all major games, messaging, and social-platform apps, as well as many step-by-step guides to set the program for proper use
  • Software is cross-platform and can be easily transferred from one device to another
  • Extra features like noise reduction, higher quality, clearer voice output, and customizable sound effects for the soundboard
  • Some basic audio editing for anyone in need of after-recording correction processes 

It would be logical to assume, now, that MagicMic would serve just right for internet-oriented people, or just everyday users, coming in handy for bloggers/YouTubers, streamers, or just simple folk who like to have a good joke or prank with fellow friends. It could also be used for interviewing, podcasting, or even business-centered meetings like calls, conferencing and others.

Compatible with iOS devices
Minimum 1 GB RAM required
Available hard disk space of at least 100 MB

Enhances voice clarity and audio quality on iOS devices
Advanced noise-cancellation technology eradicates background sounds
Supports a wide range of audio file formats

Limited to iOS devices only.
Doesn't support all audio file formats.
Not suited for professional audio editing.
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