Iolo Malware Killer

by iolo technologies

Software that finds and rids computers of malware

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: iolo technologies

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Malware Killer is an Iolo software product made for Windows with the specific goal of protecting your computer from all malware. It will remove malware from computers that are already compromised (infected) with viruses, keeping everything running as smoothly as possible. 

Malware Killer is special when it comes to software programs. When it finds anything suspicious, it sends the samples to the Scan Cloud Sandbox, which makes sure that everything is safely scrutinized and delved into. The Scan Cloud Sandbox is a place that all files can be analyzed without fear of potential dangers from viruses leaking out and creating new or worsening problems throughout the computer. This instantly gives the malware detection engine more strength.

The truly unique part comes next: Malware Killer provides all of its users with the information about the new increased detection abilities that it has learned so that everyone benefits and keeps benefitting from all problems. This even works on machines that have disabled the Scan Cloud function in the program, so you are never in jeopardy of not receiving the knowledge that the program is constantly gaining.

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