JPG to Word


Convert JPG files to editable Word documents, supporting 40 languages with security features.

Operating system: Windows


Release : JPG to Word 1.0

Antivirus check: passed

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The 'JPG to Word' software is an incredibly efficient tool that enables the conversion of any JPG file into an editable Word file. Equipped with various features, it caters to needs ranging from basic conversion to password protection of converted files. In addition, this converter is capable of supporting over 40 different languages. Not only does it retain the original spacing and formatting of the image file, but it also can recognize the spacing and fonts, and format the document accordingly.

What makes 'JPG to Word' even more powerful is that the user doesn't need to manually type the text present in the image file. Simply provide the image file to the converter and it handles the rest. Moreover, for those wondering if the converter supports languages other than English, they'll be pleased to learn that this converter supports over 40 different languages!

  • Quick and precise conversion of JPG files to editable Word documents
  • Automatic recognition and formatting of spacing and fonts
  • Support for over 40 different languages
  • Password protection of converted files
  • Adding an editable watermark on all document pages to prevent illegal usage

'JPG to Word' also addresses your security concerns by protecting the output files with a password to prevent unauthorized access. It also prevents illegal use of your document by providing an editable watermark on all pages of your document.

The main benefit of using 'JPG to Word' is its capability to convert images to editable Word files quickly and accurately.

The converter can also maintain the logical structure of the text in multi-page documents and provide formatting accordingly. 'JPG to Word' can also accurately reconstruct the format of legal documents, documents with tables, faxes, etc., into a Word file.

It also has advanced features such as character reconstruction that offer greater accuracy in conversion. With these multiple features, 'JPG to Word' proves to be an indispensable tool for anyone needing to convert JPG files to Word documents efficiently and securely.

- Operating System: Windows XP or higher.
- RAM: Minimum 1 GB required.
- Processor: 1 GHz or faster recommended.
- Free Disk Space: At least 100 MB.

Automatically recognizes and formats fonts and spacing.
Provides password protection for converted files.
Supports over 40 different languages.

May struggle with complex layouts or uncommon fonts.
The conversion process can be slow with large files.
No batch processing for multiple file conversion.
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