by King Studio

An app enabling easy root access to Android devices, removing bloatware, and boosting performance

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: King Studio

Release : KingRoot 4.6

Antivirus check: passed

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KingRoot is an exceptional software designed for users who value simplicity. With just one tap, you can root your Android devices. Its engine currently covers over 100,000 device models and this number continues to grow. Plus, KingRoot is completely free and doesn't contain any ads.


  • Easy one-click root access
  • On-demand root permission control
  • Removal of pre-installed apps to free up device memory
  • Prevention of apps from automatically starting to boost your phone's performance.

By using KingRoot, not only can you gain access to more advanced features on your device, but you can also optimize its performance. The software also allows you to get rid of pre-installed apps that unnecessarily consume your device's memory. With its automatic app shutdown feature, you are able to prevent unwanted apps from automatically starting, which can greatly improve the speed and performance of your device.

KingRoot provides a simple one-click solution to root Android devices for increased control and optimization.

If you encounter any issues while using KingRoot, don't hesitate to leave a message on KingRoot's homepage or their Facebook page. Their technical support team is always ready to assist you and answer any questions you may have. Experience the ease-of-use and benefits of KingRoot today!

Android operating system 4.2.2 or above
100 MB of free storage space minimum
Internet connection for software updates

Allows easy one-click root access.
Helps optimize device performance.
Free and contains no ads.

May not support all Android devices.
Potential security risks with root access.
Some users report unsuccessful rooting attempts.
This software is really amazing, designed for those who appreciate simplicity. A simple finger press allows you to root Android devices, which is really cool. The engine currently covers over 100,000 device models, and this number continues to increase, which is quite impressive. Moreover, it's totally free and contains no advertising, which is a real plus. 😊 In terms of features, one of the most important is one-click root access, really useful and easy to use. On-demand root permission control is also there to make the user's life easier. Another very interesting feature is the ability to uninstall pre-installed applications to free up space on the device. Lastly, preventing automatic startup of applications really improves phone performance. 👍 Device performance optimization is also guaranteed with this software. Not to mention that it allows getting rid of pre-installed apps that unnecessarily consume device memory. And to top it all off, the ability to prevent the automatic startup of unwanted apps, which can greatly improve device speed and performance. 👌 For technical support, it is always ready to assist and answer any questions you may have. Feel free to leave a message on the homepage or on the Facebook page if you encounter any problems. Test this software and enjoy its benefits today! 📱
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