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Improve your efficiency typing

Operating system: Windows

Release: Kirans Typing Tutor 3.3

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Kirans Typing Tutor is very useful for improving typing technique. It has a lot of lessons and a lot of information to help you improve consistently regardless of your previous skill level. If you get stuck there's a helpful interface with lots of visual aids for finger placement and how to improve or get past something that has you stuck. It's free to use which is wonderful because it can be so helpful for anyone that needs to type quickly and accurately for work. If you're older and typing and computers, in general, is something you struggle with, this program is for you. Even if you're very advanced and type well now it never hurts to brush up and practice. 

Many people can type well until it comes to numerical keys. It is often required of those working in an office environment to know the ten-key numerical pad by heart so that they can complete their work fast enough. This program has specific exercises focussed on just the numerical keys, something that not every typing tutorial provides. 

There are a variety of typing exercises ranging from sentences and paragraphs to accounting and more. 


WIth this software you can gain valuable skills and improve your efficiency typing.
  • Help files for when you get stuck with excellent visual aids
  • A small program that won't affect computer performance or cause any slowdown
  • Numerical key focused practice and tutorials
  • Many degrees of difficulty; perfect for beginners and pros alike!
  • Best of all, it's free! No upfront cost, no subscription!

Unless you know you already type as well as you can then this program is for you. It always pays to improve upon an essential skill and even if you are retired or not working this program will make your life easier. Not only that, this program makes learning and improving fun by turning what could be a tedious task into a series of games. 

Must be using a Windows laptop or PC. Runs on all 32 and 64 bit systems. Free to download. 

This software teaches the user how to type in the most efficient way. It's very simple to use, has several features to be able to customize and extend the basic features without any sorts of limits. This tool doesn't have any advertisements and it's totally free. While it is recommended for kids, it can be used for any age range. The user will receive suggestions in real-time so that they are able to improve their current skillset.
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