by KMP Media Corporation

A player that can play many types of file formats

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: KMP Media Corporation

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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KMPlayer is a multifunctional modern multimedia player, which is gradually gaining popularity among users. It does this primarily due to its ease of use and user-friendly interface. It is important that, despite the advanced graphics environment, the program has quite "democratic" system requirements and can reproduce high-resolution video even on weaker computers. In addition, the application interface does not seem "overloaded" or clever unlike most analogues. If you don't like the standard theme, you can download other skins from the official website. The process of changing the registration is very simple and requires only a few clicks.

No less important advantage of KMPlayer is a huge list of supported file formats. Moreover, together with the program all necessary codecs which will be more than enough to any advanced user will be established on your computer. For example, in order to play back a video you only need to install this player and open the necessary file with its help. No searching, downloading codec packages and other unnecessary body movements! Just install and watch! The player includes a convenient multimedia manager. It makes it easy to organize all the videos and music stored on your computer.

An interesting feature of KMPlayer is also the function of converting an ordinary two-dimensional image into a three-dimensional one. And, in order to "give the clip volume" you won't have to wait - the conversion takes place in real time. The 3D mode can be switched on and off at any time during playback. So if you have special points, then KMPlayer is definitely a great choice. Other interesting features of the player are the ability to work with audio tracks and subtitles, automatic detection of frame changes, support for hardware acceleration and work with DVD chapters. And the last thing that should be noted is the fact that, despite all its advantages, KMPlayer is distributed absolutely free of charge.

- has a modern, "light" user interface;

- works with most known video and audio formats;

- works with audio tracks and subtitle options;

- supports real-time conversion of 2D video to 3D video;

- has a built-in codec set;

- has a built-in multimedia manager;

- Perfectly copes with "heavy" video playback on low-power systems;

- supports a change of theme;

- automatically integrates with Windows Explorer;

- has the tools to sharpen, brighten, and other video parameters;

- is simple and convenient to use.

KMPlayer (31.36 MB)
KMPlayer (35.47 MB)
KMPlayer (36.4 MB)
KMPlayer (46.9 MB)
KMPlayer (46.92 MB)
KMPlayer (46.92 MB)
KMPlayer (47.14 MB)
KMPlayer (47.15 MB)
KMPlayer (47.17 MB)
KMPlayer (47.17 MB)
KMPlayer (47.18 MB)
KMPlayer (47.18 MB)
KMPlayer (47.19 MB)
KMPlayer (47.17 MB)
KMPlayer (47.16 MB)
KMPlayer (47.17 MB)
KMPlayer (47.17 MB)
KMPlayer (47.19 MB)
i Really loved this wonderful player. very impressive tools and easily accessible to different categories of things in one player. thank you for this player.
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