VSDC Video Editor

by Flash-Integro

A video editing tool, capable of editing the captured footage in a fast and comprehensible manner

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Flash-Integro

Release : VSDC Video Editor 9

Antivirus check: passed

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Many would say that there isn't anything worthy on the subject of editing software outside the solutions provided by Adobe or Vegas but solutions like VSDC Video Editor may prove you otherwise. While they may not provide the same level of functionality or maybe the same amount of features, post-production applications like these can still come just as handy in long-term blogging or any video-related career. The options present are influencing mainly the color palette of said fragment, its clearness, brightness, or noisiness, as well as its audio track and anything else that has to do with the video output.

Stabilizing, syncing, merging, practically any editing utility you can think of at the moment is coming built-in the VSDC VE with chroma-centered features, mask creating, applying, adjusting of those, and general censoring options (audio ones, too!) are all available. To put it hastily - it has almost anything you may need while creating your masterpieces, including some more advanced options to wrap it all up.


  • Detailed project creation menu with settings that cover most of the project's base parameters 
  • Settings that influence rendering speed, interface, current project's settings, application design, template chosen and its subsequent settings, and many more 
  • Zoom, 360 effects, charts, color correction, and various other editing options adjust the way the video track plays out
  • Audio waveform adjustments, and a few other visual representations of the audiotrack and its precise parameters 
  • Real-time voiceover recording and audio recording tools while editing
  • Basic AI-centred tools that provide you with basic replacement techniques and more

Now of course it could also be mentioned that there are a few languages to choose from, a YouTube channel with example videos and tutorials put out, and so much more to be said but generally, it just goes to show one thing - even smaller solutions can bring just as much (or nearly as much) as the bigger ones do. We'd just say it is solid or simply good for what kind of video editor it aims to be, and leave it at that.

VSDC Video Editor is a video editor focusing on basic post-production functionality and just overall keeping it simple while also presenting all the right tools for it
1. Operating System: Windows XP/SP3/Vista/7/8/10.
2. Processor: Intel, AMD or compatible processor, 1.5 GHz.
3. RAM: 1GB for creating HD videos.
4. DirectX 11 or later.

Offers a wide range of visual and video effects.
Supports commonly used file formats.
Non-linear editing allows flexible video composition.

Requires a learning curve for beginners.
May run slowly on older computers.
Advanced features require Pro upgrade.
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