by Novel Games Limited

An exhilarating arcade game that challenges users to arrange and destroy block groups.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Novel Games Limited

Release : Montris 1.3.3

Antivirus check: passed

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Montris is an exhilarating game software, where the classic arcade world is brought back to life with a fresh challenge. The aim of the game is to rotate groups of blocks in such a way to fill the lines on the playing field to subsequently destroy them. It's a modern version of the iconic Tetris game, with a vibrant visual style and improved gameplay system.

When you start the game, a set of blocks appear from the top of the game area, and the next set is displayed in the upper-left corner of the game area. Using the keys on your keyboard, you can move, rotate, and drop the blocks to your liking in the play area.

  • Intuitive keyboard control: The left and right arrow keys are used to move the group of blocks, the up arrow key or the X key to rotate the blocks clockwise, the Z key for a counter-clockwise rotation, and the down arrow key to drop the block.
  • Direct level progression: Each level requires a specific number of lines to be filled, as indicated on the right-hand side of the screen. You need to meet this goal to move on to the next level.
  • Accelerated pace: The further you progress in the game, the faster the blocks fall, adding an extra element of challenge and excitement.

Montris is a fast-paced, nerve-racking strategy game that requires quick thinking and careful planning. Successfully filling a line with the blocks results in their removal from the playing field. However, if the blocks pile up and reach the top of the playing field, the game is over.

Montris revives the iconic Tetris game, offering improved gameplay and hours of exhilarating entertainment.

In summary, Montris is a captivating game that breathes new life into an arcade classic. With its simple rules but progressively more challenging tasks, the game promises endless hours of entertainment.

1. Requires keyboard input for control.
2. Needs display capable of vibrant colours.
3. Requires adequate space for block stack-up and game elements.

Exhilarating, modern version of classic Tetris.
Vibrant visual style and improved gameplay.
Fast-paced and requires strategic planning.

No option to adjust the game speed.
Lacks multiplayer functionality.
No variations in gameplay modes.
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