A fun memory-based tile-matching game featuring multiple levels and global score sharing.
An engaging variant of the game LINES, offering two modes and rewarding strategic play
An exhilarating arcade game that challenges users to arrange and destroy block groups.
Double Klondike Solitaire
A strategy card game where you sort a deck into foundations based on suit and order
Australian Patience
Manage and move playing cards from tableau piles to foundations in this solitaire game.
Geometry Quiz
Test your mathematical skills with this timed challenge of solving geometric problems.
The New One
A memory testing game where players identify new objects among familiar ones.
Flying Kiwi
A fun, interactive game where players assist kiwis in collecting star power-ups for flight.
A fun, star-matching game with a 6x6 grid for challenging puzzle play
Mars Lander
A game simulating spacecraft's landing on Mars, utilizing arrow keys for control
Ball Control
A game that challenges players to keep various sports balls in the air.
Sliding Block Puzzle
A challenging mind game where users strive to strategically move a red block out of a frame.
Animal Jigsaw Puzzles
Enjoy over 100 customizable jigsaw puzzles featuring a variety of animal images.
A free multiplayer word game, supporting English, French, and German, with online and offline modes.
3D Rolling Balls
An exhilarating 3D game of maneuvering balls through levels using directional controls
Chess Tournaments
A tool for hosting and managing chess tournaments without real chess rules guidance
A free, customizable, Australian-style slot machine simulation with a lucky theme.
British Bingo
Enjoy a free, customizable 90-ball bingo game with simulated players and chat feature, accessible through your browser.
Jungle Trek
An interactive learning tool for preschoolers focusing on colors, shapes, numbers, and letters
An efficient sales and leads management tool that tracks and automates business interactions.
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