Nine Men's Morris

by Novel Games Limited

A digital version of one of the oldest known board games, featuring strategic gameplay and multiplayer options

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Novel Games Limited

Release : Nine Men's Morris 1.0.0

Antivirus check: passed

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The Nine Men's Morris game software, also known as Mill, is a digital rendition of one of the oldest board games in history, dating back to the Roman Empire in 1400 BC. The game is played on a board composed of three concentric squares, with eight evenly distributed slots on each square, totaling 24 slots. Each player is given a set of nine pieces, either black or white, which can be placed on the board's slots and moved from one slot to another.

The game begins when the player holding the white pieces places a piece on any empty slot. The player with the black pieces follows, and turns alternate between the two. When three pieces of the same color form a horizontal or vertical line, a mill is created. The player who forms a mill can remove one of the opponent's pieces from the board. Once removed, these pieces cannot be placed back on the board, unless there are no other pieces left to remove.

  • Moved or removed pieces cannot be placed back on the board.
  • A countdown is present to limit the time of each turn.
  • The number of unused pieces for each player is displayed on the left side of the board.
  • The game allows for the formation of a mill with three aligned pieces of the same color.

Once all pieces from both players have been used, the pieces on the board can be moved. A player must select one of their pieces, then click on an empty slot along the lines to move the selected piece. A mill can also be formed by moving the pieces. Again, a player who forms a mill can remove one of the opponent's pieces from the board.

This software offers a strategic and engaging digital gaming experience of a historical board game.

When a player has only three pieces left, their pieces gain the ability to "fly" and can be moved to any vacant slot on the board. However, a player loses the game if all their pieces are removed from the board or if they are blocked and can no longer move any of their pieces.

The Nine Men's Morris software offers an exciting gaming experience that requires both strategic planning and a keen sense of observation. Players must be cunning to capture vital positions on the board and defeat their opponent.

Operating system capable of running graphic games
Hard drive space of at least 50 MB
Minimum 1 GB RAM
Internet connection for online multiplayer

Offers an exciting, strategy-based gaming experience.
Features countdown to limit the time of each turn.
Displays the number of unused pieces clearly.

Lacks a multiplayer or online gameplay feature.
No tutorial or instructions for new players.
Graphics and design are quite basic.
A digital version of the traditional board game where players move their pieces based on dice rolls.