O&O DiskImage Professional

by O&O Software

A data backup software for Windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: O&O Software

Release: O&O DiskImage Professional 14.0.307

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The O&O DiskImage is a data backup sot ware that allows you to recover lost data. This software is essential and relevant to all people who use computers. Say your computer crashes. Most individuals who don't back up their data will automatically lose everything on the crashed computers. For most, that data could have been important document files for school or maybe even work, with everything being digital these days, individuals could even have pictures and memories on their computers. A crashed computer could mean the loss of all that important data and memories.

Using the O&O DiskImage data backup can prevent all of that lost data, loss of memories, and loss files. With a few short clicks, all that "lost" data can be right back in front of you.

O&O also lets you run a system restore or even copy and clone an entire PC/ harddrive. This can be done on systems whose hardware is different from the original systems. Meaning, if a motherboard or another aspect of the computer were messed with, changed, updated, or any other changes, the backup will still work. This can also be used as a plug and play. Meaning that it can be put on an external hard drive and once plugged in will work as normal. O&O was created, developed, and serviced in Berlin, Germany. 

Provides a data backup option for the entire computer or single files whenever needed even when the computer is in use.

Some features include: backing up an entire computer with the touch of a button, backup systems, and hard drives, cloning drives and disks, direct creation of VHD's, monitors and warns of any security risks, and easily restores files, disks, drives, and folders.

If you've ever inadvertently wiped data or files that you needed to keep, then you know the importance of safeguarding your computer to give you the peace of mind that its contents are secured with backup copies. O&O DiskImage makes it so easy to back up your information, whether that's your whole computer or whether you just want to save backups of single files.
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