by Richard Wang

An easy to use app to upload and share files on the internet

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Richard Wang

Release: FluffyApp 3.0.4

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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In the age of information and file sharing, it is very important to be able to have a software that can be trusted to be reliable, secure and safe when sharing and uploading some of your most precious and valuable files.  In this case, using something like FluffyApp for Windows allows the user who wants to share files to do so easily and securely.

This app works with Windows 7 and has also been proven to work with Windows 8. Users who have other operating systems will not be able to run the app unless they boot up their computer to run windows.  This is somewhat of a limitation of the app because of people today, especially those working in technology-related roles, do not have access to a PC that runs on the Windows operating system.  While this is a small limitation, it is unlikely to cause many people not to use the app, especially heavy users who upload, share, and move around a lot of data. 

One of the advantages of this app versus some of the competitors is that it is totally free. Many companies out there are changing a lot of money for apps that do just about the same type of function.  This makes this app stand out above the shoulders of the competition as an app that you should consider.  One important thing to note is that for the app to install correctly, you must have installed NET 4.0 with your windows system. Otherwise, it will not install or run correctly.  This app has become increasingly popular, with over 1000 people downloading it since its release.  The app is easy to use with clear menus and many helpful pieces of documentation to make it as user friendly as possible. 

It is free and easy to use, unlike many of the competitors!

  • This app, unlike many of its top competitors, is entirely free to use for all users
  • great app to upload and share files with the people you care about the most.  
  • Very safe and secure. You can trust that your files will not be hacked, shared, or exposed in any way, which is very important in this day and age where information and data are easily leaked to the public. 
  • This app works only with the Windows operating system.
  • Easy to use. The app has been designed for the typical user who may not be tech-savvy but still wants the ability to share their files in an easy and efficient manner
Fluffyapp is the answer to the issue between Mac and Windows PC software. Fluffyapp allows you to access the Cloudapp functions and storage from Mac on your Windows PC allowing cross-platform interaction with ease. Some great features include the ability to upload files and photos to the cloud server through your desktop notification area. As a light and faster service compared to the bigger and heavier cloud servers Fluffyapp makes it easy to share things friends and family in lightning speed.
Fluffy app for windows is a simple and lightweight software utility. It is free for windows. It is a online storage tool. It keeps and share the files .It is one of the easiest share the files through this program using this app. It is safe and secure to use software program.
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