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This provides statistics on all tennis games since 1990

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OnCourt is a great program for any tennis fan who loves learning about statistics and viewing information about past matches. It's an easy to learn and use program that contains more data about any match since 1990 than you would ever expect!

You can sort the information by the player or by tournament allowing you to see which players participated in which tournaments and how each of them performed. If there's a particular player you're interested in you can search for all of that player's games. You can also sort by male or female games.

By default, all of this information is presented on an easy-to-read table that uses colors and some graphics to make all of the information even simpler to read and understand. But if you want a better overview or to compare two different players in a more direct method you can switch to a statistical view which will make it simpler to focus on those players.

When you're looking at a certain player you can filter by type of game or by type of court so you can fully understand each individual player's strengths and weaknesses. You can even use this program to track games that are currently being played so you'll always be up to date.

There's another feature that shows the odds of each player winning upcoming contests. This is a great feature if you're interested in gambling on a game or even just tracking for yourself for fun.

Overall this is an excellent program that keeps track of so much data about so many different tennis tournaments. You'll be able to find just about any sort of data about any contest that has happened in just seconds by using the very simple and intuitive searches provided. If you have an interest in tennis or in statstics this program is for you!

Easy to search and learn about any individual player
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