oTo Protect Photos

by Otopp

A photo-storing program that keeps image files safe

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Otopp

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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oTo Protect Photos is a photoprotection program designed with the everyday user in mind. If you're looking to password-protect your image files, you won't find a quicker and easier program. It's free of unnecessary features and annoying paywalls and is so easy to figure out, you can begin protecting your photos right away! This program works with many formats, so you don’t have to worry about your images not working here. There’s a helpful guide in case you get stuck, and it explains everything very well. I haven’t really needed to use it because everything here is so simple!

I personally don't care for most photoprotection software currently on the market -- they want me to enroll in extra services and pay for additional features. They want my contact information and everything they think they can get. oTo Protect Photos doesn’t even ask for my email, which is great. That's why I like this software so much more: zero clutter, and it just protects my photos so I know they're safe! I also love the no-frills interface because I don't have to worry that I'm somehow changing or damaging the files. It's either lock or unlocks, and that's it. It's so quick to use, too. There's a feature for batch locking and unlocking, which saves me from going through each photo one at a time to lock or unlock them all. It's very convenient if you have a lot of photos as I do. It only takes me a few minutes to protect all of my pictures! 

The program is also very lean, so it won't slow your computer down and it loads very quickly. It actually loads faster than most of the other programs on my computer. I can delete photos, too, as I’m looking through them, and I don’t have to leave oTo Protect if I want to see my pictures because it has a built-in viewer that can zoom in and out. The name of the image is also displayed at the top of the application window, helping me keep track of my files as I’m working. It asks me where to save my batch-protect files, too, which saves me quite a bit of time when I’m organizing a lot of my pictures.

oTo Protect Photos is safe, easy to use, and perfect for all of your photoprotection and storage needs! 

Protects photos from being viewed without an authorization password

  • Uses temporary disk space for added security
  • Provides a built-in photo viewer
  • Requires a password to view photos
  • Simple, clutter-free layout
  • Batch and individual locking process
  • Easy-to-understand user guide
  • Icons easy to see even if your computer monitor is small
  • No registration required! 
  • Locks formats in JPEG, BMP, WMF, and EMF
oTo Protect Photos for Windows is a software that can protect private photos, quality pictures or images from being used or viewed without any authorized passcode, This software doesn't require the use of an extra disk space if decompression is needed.