PaintSupreme 3D

by BrainDistrict GmbH

A 3D digital painting program to create your own works of art

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: BrainDistrict GmbH

Release: PaintSupreme 3D 1.1.2

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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For those of us who are artistically inclined (and those of us who just aren't and like to have fun), finding a good painting program can be challenging. If you're looking for a program that has all that you could possibly want and think of, then PaintSupreme 3D for Windows is definitely a good place to start.

Obviously, the first thing that the starving artist in us will see is that this is not a free program, usually running along with an average of $10-15. But it is well worth the price for the huge and powerful selection of tools in its palette. While a lot of the program shares similarities with others of its ilk, including a vast array of digital brushes and colors, the unique point of this program is the ability to add 3D textures to the piece as well as being able to animate your work. Different materials, bumps, filters, brushes, you name it. If your dream is to become a Picasso of digital painting, then this will get your creative brush! This also works with photos that you choose to upload, and with some creative flair, bring them to life as an exciting GIF file that can be saved and shared with your family and friends. Lighting your work is simple to do as well, to add distinctive shadows and other unique touches.

While all this might sound overwhelming to the beginner, those who have little to no experience with painting software should not be turned away by all this has to offer. If you're somebody who just likes to paint for something to do in their free time and have a blast doing it, this is definitely a program that one shouldn't scoff at. Novices who just like to swing a brush playfully around will also appreciate what this software can do, and then be able to graduate up to the more complex this program has to offer as their skills improve.

The best part of that is no new software to buy! This is definitely a solid investment that tops most any other program on the market, and one that comes highly recommended to anyone with a creative itch they crave to scratch.

Gives you a wide variety of tools to make a masterpiece!

  • An impressive selection of painting tools to choose from
  • Edit your photographs to make them live!
  • Render your artwork in 3D
  • Very powerful software which is good for a beginner or an expert
I love using PaintSupreme 3D for Windows because it makes it a cinch to create diital artwork and edit images. I always take advantage of the brushes since there is such a variety of them that I can use to customize my work. I also like using the tools to add special effects that go beyond color. For example, I can choose which materials I want to create my painting with and what kinds of textures to apply.
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